Not only does the game beat AMD! The productivity of Intel H45 is also amazing

The 11th generation Intel Core high-performance mobile processor H45, which debuted in May of this year, is a very successful generation of Intel products. It not only has an overwhelming advantage over AMD Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors in terms of game performance. And the performance in terms of productivity is also excellent. In this article, I will take the majority of computer users to see how powerful the Intel H45 mobile processor is in terms of productivity.

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Real office application experience: Intel H45 has obvious advantages over AMD

How strong is Intel’s H45 mobile processor in terms of productivity? Let’s use Intel’s recently shared some laboratory evaluation data to intuitively feel it.

First of all, it needs to be explained that the performance comparison of notebooks is not as easy as that of desktop computers. Intel will do its best to find more similar models for comparison. This time, the model tested by Intel is a notebook equipped with the Core i9-11980HK flagship mobile processor. In contrast, a notebook equipped with competing AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX flagship mobile processor. They are equipped with the strongest graphics card of the current notebook platform-RTX3080 notebook GPU.

According to Intel’s official test, in terms of content creation, Intel H45 mobile processors generally have a very obvious performance advantage compared to AMD. Among them, in the HandBrake 10 bit encoding workload test project, compared to AMD, Intel’s advantage is as much as 2.75 times.

Obviously, with the same 8-core 16-thread configuration, the productivity performance of the Intel H45 mobile processor is really much stronger!

Why is Intel H45 so strong? Because the specifications are stronger than their own 11-generation desktops

The 11th generation Intel Core high-performance mobile processor H45 uses the Willow Cove processor micro-architecture and Iris Xe core graphics. Compared with the 10th generation Intel Core H series mobile processors, it can be said that the changes are very large.

According to the above specification comparison list, even if compared with its own 11-generation desktop processor, the 11th-generation Intel Core high-performance mobile processor H45 is stronger in terms of hardware specifications. The strong points are mainly reflected in the two key indicators of the second-level cache and the third-level cache. Of course, due to the limitations of the notebook platform, the power consumption of the Intel H45 mobile processor is lower than that of the 11th-generation desktop processor.

The specifications are stronger than its own 11-generation desktop processors, and Intel is sincere about the new H45 mobile processor. In my opinion, this is the root of why the Intel H45 mobile processor is so strong.

In contrast, AMD Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors have a three-level cache capacity that is halved compared to AMD Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors. There is a common opinion on the Internet that AMD’s ZEN 3 architecture processor relies heavily on the third-level cache for performance output, so the performance of the AMD Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors that “the third-level cache is halved” does not have people. As expected.

Intel H45 has 20 PCIe4.0 channels, allowing PCIe4.0 devices to be fully fired

The 11th generation Intel Core high-performance mobile processor H45 has built-in 20 PCIe 4.0 channels and a 16+4 direct connection mode. It can not only be used with the new generation of RTX30 series notebook GPUs, but also can be equipped with an advanced PCIe The use of 4.0 solid-state hard drives allows the performance of high-performance mobile platforms to be fully fired.

The Intel H45 mobile processor can perfectly match the PCIe 4.0 x16 discrete graphics card, which is the first time on a high-performance notebook platform. Regardless of productivity or gaming and entertainment, after the firepower is fully turned on, the performance is naturally extraordinary.

At the same time, Intel H45 mobile processor can also perfectly support the use of a PCIe 4.0 x4 solid state drive. In the second half of 2020, the speed of PCIe 4.0 solid-state drives will be further improved, reaching 7000MB/s. Representative products include Samsung 980 RPO, Western Digital WD_BLACK SN850 and so on. With the debut of Intel’s new generation of high-performance mobile platforms, users can also use these high-end solid-state hard drives as much as possible to take the productivity of high-performance notebooks to a higher level. 7000MB/s, the speed is so whistling, who knows who uses it!

AVX512F instruction set that can be used in professional applications

The 11th generation Intel Core high-performance mobile processor H45 has added the AVX512F instruction set, which is also necessary for users who focus on productivity applications.

AVX512F is an important part of AVX512. Regarding the AVX512 instruction set, according to Intel’s official introduction, Intel’s AVX512 is a group that can target various workloads and uses (such as scientific simulation, financial analysis, artificial intelligence (AI)/deep learning, 3D modeling and analysis, image and audio /Video processing, encryption and data compression) instructions to improve performance.

With the support of ultra-wide 512-bit vector operations, Intel AVX512 can handle more demanding computing tasks. With up to two 512-bit Fusion Multiply-Add (FMA) units, the application can pack 32 double-precision and 64 single-precision floating-point operations per clock cycle within a 512-bit vector, as well as eight 64-bit and sixteen 32-bit integers. Therefore, compared with Intel Advanced Vector Extension 2.0 (Intel AVX2), the width and number of data registers and the width of the FMA unit are all doubled.

Previously, the AVX512F instruction set was only used on platforms such as X299 with a higher level of expertise. Now, Intel has decentralized the AVX512F instruction set to mainstream consumer-level platforms, which is definitely a big plus for professional users.

Intel platform also has a big office tool-Thunderbolt 4

High-performance notebooks equipped with the 11th-generation Intel Core high-performance mobile processor H45 can support Thunderbolt 4. Thunderbolt 4 is a universal cable connection solution dominated by Intel now and in the future. It only needs one interface to include multiple interface functions, which can simplify the interface of PCs, especially notebooks, while maintaining powerful expansion functions. Achieve a thinner and lighter body design.

For office applications, Thunderbolt 4 can be said to be very versatile. For example, it can support a 40Gb/s universal cable up to 2 meters long, and it can support two 4K displays or one 8K display. The storage transfer speed is up to 3000 MB/s, and the PC can be woken up from sleep by touching the keyboard or mouse after connecting to the Thunderbolt4 docking station.

If you are a film and television post worker, you can use the Thunderbolt 4 interface to copy video files at high speed, or you can use the Thunderbolt 4 interface to connect two 4K displays or one 8K display for efficient video editing. This wonderful notebook experience is the wonderful thing that Intel H45 mobile processor and Thunderbolt 4 give you.

Full text summary

Wuneng’s exciting games, Wenneng’s production and creation, the 11th-generation Intel Core high-performance mobile processor H45 will be such an extraordinary existence in 2021. Especially in the environment where the tide of graphics card mining and hard disk mining is sweeping the desktop PC market, Intel’s high-performance mobile processors can be regarded as a shot in the PC market and strongly support high performance. Half the sky for PC!

Well, about the power of Intel H45 mobile processor in terms of productivity, I will stop here this time. At present, it is the big promotion in 618. The price of high-performance notebooks equipped with Intel H45 mobile processors ranges from 5,000 yuan (USD $714) to tens of thousands yuan. The majority of computer users can buy them as needed, and the strength will open your new excitement!