Nu Skin's ageLOC Boost porcelain machine was rated as "the most anticipated smart technology skin care product of the year"

On the eve of the 11th long holiday, the "2020 China Smart Manufacturing Industry Annual Conference" hosted by "21st Century Business Herald" with the theme "Embracing the New Infrastructure and Going to the New Blue Ocean" ended in Guangzhou, Yangcheng. As a highly influential technology manufacturing event in China, this annual meeting not only brought together many head manufacturing companies and top industry experts, but also announced the remarkable 2020 "Golden Great Wall" award list at the finale. With its breakthrough skin care technology, Nu Skin ageLOC Boost porcelain light machine stood out and won the award of "The Most Expected Smart Technology Skin Care Product of the Year".


The 2020 "Golden Great Wall" Award selection selects benchmarking companies and products in various industries through an independent and authoritative evaluation system. This award is an affirmation of Nu Skin's scientific research strength, and it is a recognition of product innovation capabilities. As the skin care beauty instrument launched by NU SKIN, the ageLOC Boost porcelain light machine has further enriched the product lineup of Nu Skin ageLOC series, in-depth research and development in the field of skin care, and better meets consumers in different scenarios The need for anti-aging, brings more beautiful choices.

The core technology of ageLOCBoost porcelain light machine lies in the brand's original "variable pulse micro-current technology". Different from traditional micro-current, this new current working method has both positive and negative current changes and random pulse width. They send intermittent, variable pulsed micro-currents to the skin at a frequency of about 8 times per second. The pulses are charge-balanced, so they complete the positive and negative switching of 10 positive pulses and 10 negative pulses every 2.4 seconds. A skin care cycle that lasts for 2 minutes will form about 1,000 fresh skin care experiences! After full scientific research and experimental verification, the use of ageLOC porcelain radiant honey can obtain better results for each treatment, and easily achieve "brightness" at home Skin freedom".

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, women's pursuit of beauty has also become higher and higher, which has provided a steady stream of development power for the beauty instrument market. Affected by the epidemic this year, "home beauty" has become a new trend, which has also stimulated the consumption of beauty equipment. According to the report of “2019 China's beauty instrument industry supply and demand, brand pattern and market trend analysis: steady growth in demand, market prospects'', the market size of my country's beauty instrument industry reached about 6.62 billion yuan in 2019. Under such market potential , The growth rate of China's beauty instrument market is extremely fast, with a scale of 2.6 times far higher than the global market. Committed to becoming the leader of the intelligent revolution in beauty, Nu Skin has discovered early with its sensitive market insights that if the skin wants to absorb effective skin care ingredients, a more powerful assistant is needed. As a result, the first Nu Skin home beauty instrument was officially born in 2003. Since then, Nu Skin has continued to invest a lot of research and development resources, allowing generations of ageLOC series of innovative home beauty equipment to emerge, covering the main skin care of the younger generation of consumers in 360 degrees. Pain points, and gradually lock the brand positioning in the health and beauty black technology field. According to the latest market research in the beauty industry, "dull skin tone" has become the most troublesome skin problem for women and the most urgent need for improvement. However, consumers are less satisfied with the products on the current market that address this pain point. Nu Skin is digging into this user pain point and integrating years of research and thinking on women's anti-aging, the latest masterpiece ageLOC Boost porcelain light machine, " Intensive and translucent essence + elastic moisturizing formula + components optimized and developed using ageLoc's scientific and technological concepts" three technological formulas refer to the "brightening complexion" beauty instrument market segment.

In terms of product concept, ageLOC Boost porcelain light machine adheres to the value connotation of "not chasing light, becoming light". On the road to skin care, many people like to be a follower, lose themselves in the dazzling selection of choices, and lose confidence in the long river of years. Nu Skin is committed to using the power of technology to help consumers confidently resist aging and take control of the light. In addition, it is more important to convey the true definition of "beauty" to consumers. It's hard to stop at appearances, find yourself "where is the beauty" and know how to manage the beauty of your own state, so that you can meet yourself who is shining and better.

Whether it is from the optimal ingredients of the product or the forward-looking concept, I believe that this "most anticipated smart technology skin care product of the year" will be the first in the skin brightening world after its launch on the market, and continue to circle powder to lead the new trend of smart skin care. New consumer vitality. In the future, Nu Skin will continue to deepen product innovation and intelligent manufacturing, with its own continuous iterative innovation, leading the representative direction of the industry in the future transformation, and promoting the development process of the intelligent upgrade of the beauty and health industry.