Numiao Technology's first press conference, the new brand NOWIRE debuts focusing on wireless/subculture

Home of iMobile phones, August 26 news. Numiao Technology officially held its first press conference this afternoon. Because the founder is Li Nan, who is very familiar to everyone, Numiao Technology has already harvested a large number of products before the first product debut. Li Nan revealed at the press conference that “Numiao Technology will cross-border 12 sub-cultural fields within three years”, and today also released the new brand NOWIRE in the form of online live broadcast.

NOWIRE focuses on the field of subculture. The brand Slogan is “Make Art Not Tech”, which aims to “kill all the lines on the body and on the desktop within three years.” Therefore, the products launched have made great efforts in both wireless connection and charging. In addition to the previously announced CYBERBOARD mechanical keyboards, the first products to debut include CYBERMAT, CYBERCOIN, and CYBERBLADE, which is expected to be officially released in December. After reading this string of English, I believe everyone is a bit embarrassed, so I still disassemble it separately. Let’s talk about it.

The CYBERBOARD mechanical keyboard is the most familiar to everyone, because it has been unveiled before and sold out on the day of launch. 900 of the limited 1000 are sold out. The remaining 100 are reserved by Anomao until today as a set for sale. Details Let’s finally say. CYBERBOARD itself is a customized mechanical keyboard inspired by Tesla CyberTruck pickup. It uniquely supports custom LED light arrays, wireless connection and wireless charging, and the aluminum alloy CNC technology is full of cyberpunk style.

As a high-end customized keyboard, its axis body CYBERSWITCH is exclusively customized by Numeow Technology to the axis body manufacturer Jiadalon. Numeow also cooperates with the theme keycap author BURGER and the personalized keycap manufacturer ZOMO Plus to jointly create the theme keycap “Back to the future” and personalized keycap “time machine”.

CYBERMAT itself is a large metal mouse pad that supports wireless charging. It has 15 built-in wireless charging coils and can support up to 6 wireless charging devices at the same time.

CYBERCOIN is a wireless charging modification kit for Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse Go Pro Wireless, which can provide Qi wireless charging protocol support. The emergence of CYBERCOIN actually represents an important idea of Numiao Technology, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” Since GPW has done so well, there is no need for Numiao to make a wireless mouse, but to work hard to improve it. GPW experience.

The above products will be included in the 100 sets of “NOWIRE” limited set specially reserved by Li Nan. If they are displayed in full, they will include CYBERBOARD, CYBERSWITCH, Cyber-style design satellite shafts, “Back to the Future” theme keycaps, and CYBERMAT. And CYBERCOIN, the total price is 6,200 yuan (USD $886) .

In addition to these, Numiao Technology also announced a TWS true wireless Bluetooth noise-cancelling headset that may be the world’s lowest latency, CYBERBLADE. The triangular body design and integrated LED make it extremely unique. It is expected to be released in December this year. Officially released at the end of the month.

In addition to the NOWIRE brand, Numeow Technology also brought a CYBERPUNK design style 90W gallium nitride charger CYBERCHARGE and some creative peripheral products, including “EXT” T-shirts and “AM TOYS” fashion blind Box, the latter of which uses the image IP design of Numiao Technology. After today’s press conference, crowdfunding has been launched at Modian.