Nut 5g new machine into the network or named nut pro4

It was reported on August 5 that since the transfer of nut brand to bytedance last year, only one new nut Pro3 machine has been launched. After nearly a year, the new nut machine seems to be coming.

Recently, a 5g new machine of dt2002c, which is the application unit of “Beijing dete Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.” model dt2002c, has entered the network, and “Beijing dete Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.” is currently the main operator of nut mobile phone brand, an intelligent hardware equipment company under bytedance. Earlier, Zhu Haizhou, the product manager of nut mobile phone, revealed in his interaction with netizens that the new product launch conference of nut mobile phone has been finalized, but it is not allowed to be released.

The specific name of the new nut 5g machine has not been determined yet, but considering that nut Pro is the flagship series of nuts, the new machine will be named nut Pro 4 with high probability. The specific configuration is not clear for now, but according to Zhu Haizhou’s interaction with netizens on Weibo, 5g’s new machine is likely to use off screen fingerprint or side fingerprint, equipped with dual speakers and high refresh rate screen. It is believed that the release time of nut 5g new machine is very close.