Nuts mobile phone exit! It is revealed that Zhu Haizhou, product manager, joined OnePlus

On June 17, news broke that Zhu Haizhou, the product manager of Nut mobile phone, left ByteDance and joined OnePlus.

At present, Zhu Haizhou's Weibo certification is still the product manager of Nuts mobile phone. I used to be a reporter for "Media" magazine and editor in chief of "Technology Aesthetics".

In 2018, Zhu Haizhou joined Hammer Technology as a product manager. After that, Hammer Technology experienced a business crisis, and the nut mobile phone business was sold to ByteDance, and Zhu Haizhou joined ByteDance as a mobile phone product manager.

Nowadays, the research and development of the JMGO mobile phone has been suspended, the SmartisanOS operating system has entered the maintenance phase, and no new features will be added in the future.

Nuts mobile phone said that Xinshi Lab will merge with the desk lamp team to form a strong intelligent team, focusing on education hardware; while the service of Nuts mobile phone users will not be affected, and after-sales and system maintenance will continue.

Many Hammer friends miss this mobile phone brand that has created several classic products, and some netizens even call Hammer Technology CEO Luo Yonghao, hoping that it can take over.

However, for the Nuts mobile phone, Luo Yonghao is unlikely to take over, and leaving the market has become an irreversible destiny.