Nuts mobile phone official announcement, the new product is equipped with Snapdragon 865 + 100 million pixel sensor

Since the press conference on October 31 last year, the JMGO mobile phone has never released any new models. Recently, the JMGO mobile phone has finally officially announced that it will hold a press conference on October 20 to bring new 5G mobile phones, and the new product reservation has been opened at 10 am on October 13.

Regarding the configuration of this new JMGO machine, a lot of information has been exposed on the Internet. Now JMGO mobile phone is also officially announced: the new product will be equipped with 108 million pixel camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 16GB+512GB memory combination, dual-mode 5G. Snapdragon 865, as one of the standard processors of this year’s Android flagship, is definitely indispensable. The 108-megapixel sensor is currently only used by Xiaomi phones. After the use of Nut phones, you can compare the shooting optimization algorithms of the two manufacturers.

In addition, the previous exposure also said that the new JMGO will seek a breakthrough in aesthetic design and adopt a white panel. In order to keep the front of the phone in a consistent state, most phones currently have black panels, and only Meizu has always insisted on white panels.

After Mr. Luo left, the popularity of the Nut mobile phone has dropped a lot, but as long as the product has sufficient power, it will naturally be recognized by consumers. In recent years, the competitiveness of niche mobile phone manufacturers has become lower and lower, and the market is no longer blooming. It is hoped that niche mobile phone manufacturers can also launch some high-quality flagships to give consumers more choices.