Nuts Pro 4 coming? Smartisan new machine enters the net

Imabile mobile phone home, August 5 news & nbsp; In the early morning of this morning, Zhu Haizhou, the product manager of smartisan, wrote a micro blog about “new nuts”, which seemed to be warming up his new machine. Then digital blogger @ digital chat station also exposed a new model “dt2002c”, which was applied by “Beijing dete Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (main operator of nut mobile phone)”.

According to previous news, the new nut machine will be positioned as the flagship, equipped with snapdragon 865 mobile platform and equipped with a 90hz refresh rate screen. The screen is of mainstream hole digging design. It is not clear whether it will be named nut Pro 4. One of the advantages of nut mobile phone lies in its innovation ability at the software level. However, due to the small size and manpower, there have been some problems in the follow-up update of some models. It is hoped that the new products can bring surprise to users and maintain long-term vitality.

Tuyuan @ digital chat station