Nvidia MX450 graphics card specifications open: support PCIe 4.0

As a frequent customer of thin and light products, NVIDIA MX series has now come to the third generation, which is GeForce MX350 (GeForce is omitted below). Perhaps considering that the current products do not have obvious advantages in front of Intel Tiger Lake’s nuclear display, NVIDIA announced the latest MX450 today.

Judging from the currently announced parameter table, the MX450 is the first consumer-grade graphics card under Nvidia that supports PCIe 4.0. This is obviously to make full use of the direct PCIe 4.0 channel provided by Intel Tiger Lake. Of course, it may also mean that the performance of the MX450 has been greatly improved.

The same as the previous news, MX450 supports GDDR5 and GDDR6 video memory, so there should be a full blood version and a low-frequency version. However, NVIDIA did not specify what core it is based on. According to previous reports, it may be the same TU117 core as the GTX1650. However, the current Turing architecture does not support PCIe 4.0, so it is speculated that NVIDIA has redesigned it or used it directly. On the next generation ampere architecture.

Since Intel and AMD’s main processors next year should not be weak in terms of nuclear display, the performance of Nvidia MX450 should be greatly improved compared with the current MX350. According to previous reports, the full-blooded version should surpass the GTX1650. At that time, I felt unrealistic, but it was definitely not bad.