NVIDIA MX450 performance has risen again, full blood version or super GTX1650

Although Nvidia has not officially released the GeForce MX450 yet, some notebook computers have announced that they will use this graphics card, and related products will be available within the year. Recently, foreign media TechPowerUp has given the parameters and performance information of this graphics card, which is a huge improvement compared with the current MX350.

In terms of parameters, Nvidia GeForce MX450 uses the same TU117 core of the GTX 1650 mobile version. It is based on TSMC’s 12nm process and has a core area of 200mm². It has 1024 coloring units, 64 texture map units and 32 ROPs, divided into standard version and low-frequency version. .

Among them, the basic frequency of the standard version is 1395MHz, the highest frequency is 1575MHz, the memory frequency is 1250MHz, it is equipped with 2GB GDDR6 memory, and the maximum power consumption is 50W. According to the performance diagram, the performance of the standard version of MX450 will exceed that of GTX 1650, although I think this score is not realistic in practice.

The low-frequency version has a base frequency of 720MHz and a maximum frequency of 930MHz. The performance is about 53% of the full blood version, and the performance is on par with GTX 1050.

With AMD’s continuous efforts in the field of notebook computer processors and the significant progress of Intel Xe architecture core, the NVIDIA MX series will inevitably bid farewell to the history of toothpaste squeezing. But I think it’s somewhat unreal to make such a big one-time improvement, and considering the heat dissipation conditions and memory limitations of the notebook, the actual performance must be discounted, so it is better not to hope too much.