NVIDIA RTX studio design book envy 15 evaluation

With the rise of short video, more and more people choose to record their life in the form of video creation. However, the requirements of video creation and editing on devices are not low, especially those high-level content creators who need to record inspiration anytime and anywhere. They need not only portable notebook, but also strong performance to meet the demand of efficient creation anytime and anywhere. In view of this, HP has created a high-performance creative design book of HP envy 15 certified by RTX studio for high-level content creators. Let’s have a deep experience of this product!

Envy 15 is a productivity tool for high-level content creators and a member of NVIDIA RTX studio design books. It is not only equipped with 4K AMOLED high-definition touch screen, equipped with ultra-high-speed memory and memory, but also geforce RTX ™ The 2060 is equipped with a max-q design graphics card. Through comprehensive and precise design, all of these are integrated into the light and thin fuselage. This high-performance creative design book, especially video creation, is of great strength in creation. Envy 15, as a RTX studio design book, has opened a new era of creative performance, helping high-level content creators complete challenging projects and supporting the rapid output of ideas. RTX on! Let’s take a look at the performance of this professional RTX studio High-Performance Lightweight book.

Appearance: extremely simple appearance, extremely light and thin, and excellent texture

In terms of appearance, envy 15 adopts all metal body. The metal material obviously improves the texture of the whole machine, making it look delicate and fashionable. At the same time, there is a new version of the “HP” logo of the mirror on the a side. The design of the whole machine is very simple and the visual effect is outstanding.

At the same time, there is no redundant line in the whole a surface. The sharp edges and smooth atmosphere of the frame make the product feel stronger. This is one of the reasons why envy 15 is so popular. The all metal fuselage can also conduct heat faster and make the heat dissipation of the whole machine more excellent.

The screen performance of envy 15 is very excellent. It can be equipped with a 15.6-inch 4K AMOLED display screen. The actual display effect is very delicate. The brightness is 400 lumens, and the display effect is excellent. It can still see the contents on the screen in strong light environment.

In terms of color display, the screen of envy 15 has achieved 100% coverage of dci-p3 gamut. The factory color correction of delta E & lt; 2 is completely professional color performance. The color display is accurate and full, which can meet the creative needs of professional users such as drawing revision and video production, and there is no need to worry about color difference affecting the quality of works. At the same time, the design of trilateral micro frame makes up 82.6% of the whole screen, which can bring users a more immersive visual experience and make every detail of the creative works clearly visible.

The integrity of envy 15 C side is very high. There is a whole keyboard in the middle. The power on key is integrated into the keyboard, which makes the whole C plane look more concise and convenient to operate. On both sides of the keyboard are dual speakers that have been professionally adjusted by B & amp; O. the actual experience of sound quality is excellent, which can bring users a very outstanding sound experience.

In the lower right corner of the keyboard, a fingerprint sensor is integrated. Users can input fingerprints and unlock through biological fingerprints, which can better protect our information security. At the same time, in terms of unlocking speed, it is basically on in seconds. At the moment I put my finger on the sensor, envy 15 has directly entered the system, and the actual experience is much more convenient than password unlocking.

In terms of shaft, envy 15 has a high degree of integration with notebook. When the notebook is closed, it looks as if it is integrated. The exquisite “buttock” design at the rotating shaft enables the light warped fuselage to help the notebook effectively air in, and also meets the needs of ergonomics, making the typing angle more comfortable.

In terms of interface, envy 15 provides two lightning 3 protocol interfaces, two USB 3.2 Gen2 interfaces (one on the left and one on the left), one charging interface, one HDMI interface and one TF card reader. The higher bandwidth of lightning interface can bring users faster data transmission speed, at the same time, it can also connect up to three external monitors, which can well meet the expansion needs of users.

The d-side of envy 15 is also very simple. The large-area mesh design makes the heat dissipation of the whole machine more outstanding. At the same time, the anti-skid strip penetrating the whole transverse fuselage is adopted at the bottom, which makes the envy 15 more stable when placed on the table top.

In addition, in terms of portability, the overall weight of envy 15 is only 2.1kg, and the fuselage is as thin as 18.5mm, which can be easily put into most backpacks and medium-sized handbags. For content creators who need to move their office frequently, such weight will not cause any burden, and it is more convenient to go out to collect materials and hold meetings.

Endurance, envy It uses 83whr high-capacity lithium-ion polymer battery with a maximum battery life of 14 hours, which can basically meet the power demand of a whole day. For users who often need to repair and edit pictures outdoors, they don’t need to carry a charger when they go out for a short time. At the same time, this notebook also supports fast charging technology, which only needs 45 minutes to plug in to charge the notebook Power to 50%, the use of fragmented time can be the notebook “blood”, so that users completely get rid of “low power anxiety”.

Performance test part: RTX studio certified graphics card absolute super productivity tool

The envy 15 video card we got this time is geforce RTX 2060 6G max-q design graphics card, intel core 10 generation i9-10885h processor, memory for 32g dual channel memory, hard disk for 1TB SSD + 1TB PCIe SSD, support RAID 0, and the driver of graphics card is 442.76, the fuselage is equipped with 64 bit win10 home version system. Next, we will test the performance of this computer.

In terms of graphics card, envy 15 is equipped with NVIDIA RTX 2060 max-q graphics card. At the same time, the video card has been certified by nvdia RTX studio. It is specially optimized on many professional software to bring more excellent and stable performance. Let’s take a look at the performance of this notebook.

3dmark is a software specially designed for measuring the performance of graphics card of Futuremark company. The higher the score is, the stronger the performance of the whole machine will be. Finally, we can see that the geforce RTX 2060 max-q design video card equipped with envy 15 has excellent performance on the whole, and the running score reaches the level of smooth running various large-scale 3A games.

As a notebook computer for meeting the needs of high-level content creators, envy 15 also performs very well in practical professional applications. Next, we use several professional software to further test envy 15.

The first one is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom classic CC software. This software is a graphic tool software widely used by most designers at present, abbreviated as “LR”. This software can carry out batch post-processing of a large number of pictures, including color matching, correction and other operations, which can save the time of sorting and improving the pictures. The software interface is simple and the operation is convenient.

In this test, we use LR to open the raw file for test, and perform “image enhancement” operation, and record the time required to enhance the image. The time required for envy 15 to enhance six raw files over 30MB is 23.99s. At the same time, we compare the images before and after enhancement.

After enhancing the image, we obtained an additional 6 enhanced images, including the enhanced image on the left and the original image on the right. After comparison, we can find that the enhanced image is more detailed and the cat’s hair is more delicate.

After the above image is enhanced, the 1:1 view is opened for comparison, and the text on the book will be clearer.

The second software is Adobe pemiere Pro 2020, which is often used in post editing video. Many professional movies, TV series and web production need this video editing software. It is a well-known software in the field of video editing and post-processing.

Before we start testing, we need to make sure that the software rendering uses GPU acceleration and imports the test project prepared in advance. There are three sequences in the test project. The first sequence is the common opening sequence, which uses the sound field bars and bands as well as the tone lens of acceleration effect as our daily opening screen.

The second sequence is a music video and zoomed to 4K output. The third sequence uses three 1080p subsequences in a single 4K time axis to simulate the fluency of 4K video clips. At this time, we open the PR control panel and play the sequence according to the sequence of the first, second and third sequence.

Finally, the average number of playing frames of the first sequence is 23.99 frames, which is very smooth, and the number of real-time rendering frames per second is 1439 / 25.4 = 56.65 frames; the number of real-time rendering frames of the second sequence is 4615 / 21.8 = 211.6 frames, and the number of real-time rendering frames of the third sequence is 4549 / 4.4 = 1033 frames. And at this time, we can drag the pointer to any position on the time axis, which is very smooth and has no jamming, which can greatly improve our efficiency. This is due to the powerful graphics processing ability of envy 15, the design book of NVIDIA RTX studio. For video content producers, such performance allows us to save more invalid waiting and stuck time in post-processing video, and output creativity efficiently.

The third test content is indigobench. Indigobench is an official test software of indigo renderers to test the processing speed performance of hardware in rendering. Indigo is a ray tracing renderer based on physical engine. It can accurately restore the physical ray effect in 3D scene by using spectral calculation. Spectral rendering is also the most close to the real ray effect. And indigo is accelerated by GPU, and supports CUDA and OpenCL at the same time. It is a very excellent effect rendering machine.

Finally, we got the following test results. In the score of supercar, the score of processor was 2.033, and the score of graphics card was 12.915. We can see that after using NVIDIA RTX 2060 6G max-q graphics card, the score is more than 6 times that of the processor, so we can see RTX studio GPU has a very obvious advantage in rendering, which can better help content creators to render and produce video later.

In addition, this notebook is equipped with Intel’s latest core 10 generation i9-10885h standard pressure processor. This processor uses a 14nm process, code named cometlake, with 8 cores and 16 threads. The basic frequency is 2.4GHz, and the Rui frequency can reach 5.3GHz. The performance is very outstanding. At the same time, the TDP of the processor is maintained at 45W, which is more friendly to the heat dissipation requirements of the whole machine, so this can make this laptop More powerful performance with a lighter version.

In the CPU performance test, we use cinebench R15 software to test. This software is based on the cinem4d engine processor test software, which can test the processor subsystem, memory subsystem and display subsystem at the same time. Like most industrial design software, cinebench can support multi-core / multiprocessor perfectly. Its display subsystem test is based on OpenGL, and the unit of test results is “CB”. The larger the value, the stronger the performance. The final test result of envy 15 is 1353cb for multi-core and 207cb for single core.

Cinebench R20 is a system CPU test software, professional and easy to use. It can help us easily obtain CPU information and test CPU performance. Generally speaking, the higher the score of CPU, the better your CPU performance. Due to the change of algorithm content, the score and R15 are not common. In this test result, envy The multi-core performance of 15 is 2757cb, and the single core performance is 430cb.

Decompression is a function that we often use in our daily life. For content creators, we may need to compress and decompress materials frequently. These operations have certain requirements for CPU performance. 7-Zip, as a decompressing software with stable performance, can better understand the performance of this processor by using its benchmark test. Finally, the final score of the processor on the envy 15 is 59341mips, which shows that envy 15 is very smooth in compressing and decompressing files without jamming.

For high-level content creation users, in addition to requiring powerful CPU performance, they also have higher requirements for storage. Larger memory capacity and faster SSD can let us have a fast and smooth experience in the working state of real-time editing. Moreover, large capacity SSD also has enough space for us to store more materials. Envy 15 has a dual channel ddr4-2933mhz, which is twice as high as that of a single channel. At the same time, the 2TB capacity of the high-performance solid-state disk (SSD) of PCIe takes into account the large storage space and high speed. The actual read-write performance of envy 15 SSD is 2312.84mb/s and 2639.86mb/s respectively. The basic applications and games can be loaded in seconds. The experience is much better than the traditional mechanical and solid-state drives with SATA interface.

Write at the end: as a professional RTX studio design book for high-level content creators, envy 15 has simple appearance and texture. Equipped with geforce RTX 2060 max-q design graphics card and other powerful hardware configuration, this notebook can easily be competent for various complex professional software operation, and 4K With the addition of AMOLED screen, we can have a more clear software interface layout and zero color difference visual experience in the post production video and image processing. Whether it’s appearance or performance, the RTX studio design book, envy 15, is really the best choice for high-level content creators.

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