NVIDIA Shield TV ushered in system update, 360P video can output 4K

Speaking of TV boxes, we should be more familiar with several domestic Android products and Apple TV, but there is actually another brand that insists on high-performance TV boxes, which is NVIDIA, although its Sheild is exactly one. A TV box and game console product.

Recently, NVIDIA brought the 25th system update to its Shield TV and Shield TV Pro released last year. It not only includes regular function updates, but more importantly, it brings enhanced AI super-resolution capabilities and remote control custom buttons. Playability.

Regarding the AI super-resolution capability, these two products can now output 720P and 1080P resolution content at 4K resolution, thereby bringing a better experience on the big screen. After this upgrade, this feature further supports 360P and 1440P videos, so that they can all be output in 4K resolution. In other words, the output resolution of 360P video can be increased by 36 times (length x width).

For Pro version models, you can also insert frames to 60fps output after this update, which is more friendly to users who like to watch sports events.

This second update focuses on the custom buttons provided by the remote control. Now users can customize the double-click and long-press functions, and there are 25 customizable options. Users can also adjust battery power when the device is inactive.