Official announcement of "Find More" as slogan, Find X2 becomes Oscar's same model

This morning, OPPO announced a poster with the theme of exploration, and stated, "Exploring the unknown and pursuing the ultimate is the spirit that OPPO Find always adheres to." OPPO will also work with four explorers in different fields to reveal the charm of exploration. .

The official shared a TVC about Oscar actor Eddie Redmaine. Eddie Redmaine starred in well-known films such as "Where Are the Fantastic Animals" and "The Theory of All Things" and achieved outstanding achievements in the film industry. Eddie Redmaine can bring the different characters in each film to life, which is inseparable from his outstanding acting skills and exploration of character performance.

In Eddie Redmein's TVC, Eddie Redmein made the characters in the film more soulful by exploring different characters and richly characterizing the characters. These are also exploring the unknown. , The most fascinating place. By continuing to search, expect, persist and explore, we can discover more possibilities and bring better character presentation.

Eddie Redmayne is good at breaking the rules in performances, always looking for new challenges. When playing Hawking, he was reduced to 60 kg in height of 184 cm. When playing the Danish "girl", the audience almost forgot his true gender. As a magician, he specialized in the courtship dance of animals. Eddie Redmayne is extremely focused on each role, pursuing the perfect details.

Eddie Redmayne's pursuit of the ultimate performing art is the same as the persistence of the Find X2 series on the ultimate technology. Both continue to explore to bring more valuable achievements. Both have a higher spirit of extreme exploration. The consistency can be said to be the same frequency of the spiritual level.

Back to the Find X2 series, the ultimate exploration spirit of the Find X series has been fully reflected. Find X2 series starts from the screen. In addition to pursuing the ultimate in screen picture performance, it also in-depth optimizes the detailed experience through technical tuning, such as built-in video clear (Motion Clear) technology, SDR to HDR technology, etc., which can be more perfect. The advantages of high-quality screens are used to push the effect of this screen to the extreme.

For the image part, the Find X2 Pro uses a new custom Sony IMX689 outsole sensor main camera + IMX586 ultra-wide-angle secondary camera + a periscope telephoto lens supporting three times a combination of 10x hybrid zoom. Each lens has high specifications. At the same time, they can guarantee excellent imaging quality and smooth zooming experience. In addition, it also has omni-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology and independent color temperature sensor to further enhance the shooting experience.

You can feel the extreme spirit of OPPO's exploration from all aspects of Find X2 Pro. This is the core soul of the Find X series. OPPO's quest for the ultimate spirit is very consistent with Eddie Redmein's personal spiritual characteristics. By holding Eddie Redmein in hand, OPPO can convey this spirit in a more vivid form, making it easier for users to understand OPPO's efforts in product experience.

At the same time, this method of communication can also enhance OPPO's brand image in the high-end field, enhance the positioning of the entire brand, and combine the strong product strength of the Find X2 series, which is conducive to expanding the high-end product market and bringing more exploration space for OPPO.