Official announcement! Realme V15 comes standard with 65W fast charging head officially released tomorrow

The new year’s national tide masterpiece realme V15 national tide koi mobile phone will be officially released tomorrow (January 7) at 2 pm.

This morning, Xu Qi, vice president of realme, revealed through Weibo that the realme V15 will come with a 65W fast charger, which is standard for all systems.

Realme V15 comes standard with 65W fast charging head

It is worth noting that although the realme V15 is equipped with a fast charging head that supports 65W, the official has not directly announced the fast charging power supported by the machine. There was previously news that the realme V15 will support 55W fast charging.

In addition, according to official realme news, the realme V15 will also feature a thin and light body this time, with a weight of only 176 grams.

Realme V15 official picture tour

Based on the current known news, the realme V15 will use an AMOLED digging display on the front, supporting fingerprint recognition under the screen, the core is equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 800U, supporting 55W fast charging, and the back is equipped with a three-camera camera module, the main camera is 64 million pixels .

The appearance is one of the highlights of the realme V15. The official introduction of this phone is inspired by the “Wenyu” in the famous Chinese painting “Luo Shen Fu Tu”, which is also the prototype of modern Koi.

Realme teamed up with “National Treasure” to create a new national tide koi color scheme

Realme and “National Treasure” jointly designed the color matching of koi carp, using non-spectral gradient color design, rearranging the colors of three different bands of red, yellow and blue, and combining the color mixing process of multi-layer nano-level optical coating, showing Colorful gradient, transparent color space layer by layer, bright without losing texture.

This is also the first time that realme has combined oriental aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, trying to create a national wave technology product full of surprises.