Official announcement! Reno5 series debuts FDF full-dimensional portrait video system

Today, OPPO officially announced that the Reno5 series will be the first to be equipped with FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, which was officially announced at the 2020 OPPO Future Technology Conference last month.

According to reports, the Reno5 series equipped with the OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system can solve various pain points of portrait video shooting in one move, and can shoot beautiful and natural portrait videos to achieve video effects with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery.

The OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system is composed of a perceptual portrait engine and a picture quality enhancement engine, which respectively optimize the main character and the overall picture.

According to the officially released video, the AI Rejuvenation video beauty function of the Reno5 series integrates 8 levels of 100-level customized AI beauty algorithm, supports face separation white balance, AI skin color detection, AI partition skinning, and face Triangular model reshapes light and shadow reconstruction, AI makeup and so on.

The excellent algorithm is matched with 32 million water mirror + 64 million water light portrait four-shot high-specification hardware. The videos taken by the Reno5 series can make the skin watery and bright, making every moment in the video full of charm.

The Reno5 series also supports AI video enhancement function, through AI intelligent recognition of light, combined with Live HDR video algorithm, video beauty algorithm, moonlight night scene video algorithm, no matter what viewing scene is in the shooting, Reno5 series portrait video can be presented A radiant portrait effect.

In terms of appearance, the official has announced the real machine picture of the Reno5 series. The back cover adopts the Reno Glow 2.0 star diamond technology, the body effect is more shiny, and the appearance is fashionable. According to the information exposed on the Internet, the Reno5 series may also be made of luminous materials, and it is also highly recognizable at night.

With the support of the FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, the Reno5 series will definitely bring us a completely different portrait video shooting experience, as well as a super-high body appearance. Friends who like to shoot portrait videos with mobile phones can pay attention to it. The Reno5 series will be officially released on December 10, when more information will be announced.