Official announcement! Tesla begins delivery of Model Y standard battery life

For American electric car company Tesla, an important task this year is to start the mass production and delivery of another published model, the crossover Model Y. There have been many rumors in the tech media regarding the delivery of this car recently. According to the latest news from foreign media, Tesla officially announced on Twitter on Monday that it has started delivering the Model Y crossover SUV model. The actual delivery time of the car is in line with analyst expectations.

According to foreign media reports, Tesla announced the news when many companies were being forced to modify their product timetables and change their production plans in the context of the new crown virus pandemic closing global normal business operations.

The achievement of delivering Model Y marks a major victory for Tesla. Historically, Tesla companies were often unable to mass produce and deliver new models in accordance with the promised time. After booking, many consumers were unable to get official mass production and delivery news and cancelled their orders.

Users have posted pictures and comments on Tesla Motors' main online forum, Tesla Motors Club, indicating that they have received the Model Y they purchased, and some consumers said that they will soon Get a new car. Such on-time delivery is rare during the pandemic virus pandemic.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told shareholders during the company's third-quarter earnings conference call that Tesla "leads ahead of schedule on Model Y preparation at the Fremont plant, and we have moved the time to market from 2020 Fall ahead to summer 2020. There may be some room for improvement there, but we are confident in the summer of 2020. "

Deutsche Bank analysts wrote last December that Tesla is ready to begin delivering Model Y in the first quarter of 2020, ahead of Musk's original forecast.

Last March, Tesla held a press conference to launch the Model Y. This car is a sister model of Model 3 and shares the same design platform. The two cars also share a large number of components, helping Tesla to reduce manufacturing costs. However, in terms of appearance design, some people in the industry questioned that the design dimensions of Model Y are similar to those of Model 3 and do not reflect the obvious SUV characteristics. This similarity in design may affect the sales of this car. .

After the vehicle launch, Tesla also started booking new models, but so far, the company has not disclosed the number of reservations. In contrast, after the electric pickup truck was released last year, Tesla also launched online bookings and updated the booking number several times. The latest published data is to obtain a booking amount of 500,000 vehicles. Cancel your booking.

According to Tesla's official website, the seven-seat Model Y is not expected to be available until 2021. The website also states that the relatively low-priced "standard endurance version" of the Model Y is not expected to go into production until early 2021.

In terms of capacity, Model Y faces far less pressure than Model 3. In addition to the Fremont plant in California, Tesla has announced the launch of a Model Y production plan for electric vehicle plants in Shanghai, China, to prepare for parts and other work. Specific production will begin early next year.

In addition, Tesla has begun to build a brand new electric vehicle factory in Brandenburg, Germany. The company stated in official documents that the German factory will initially produce all Model Y models and produce more than 10,000 vehicles per week. It will increase production of Model 3.

In addition, not long ago, Tesla also announced that it is looking for a location in the central United States and is preparing to build a new electric vehicle factory. This factory mainly produces a large number of scheduled electric pickup trucks, and will also produce Models for the US East Coast Y models. (Tencent Technology Review / Cheng Xi)