Official Play Stem ~ Sheepedia x Ubisoft Co-branded Mug Cup Reversed

Home of iMobile, August 27 News Today morning, the creative online store “Meipin Store” official @Sheepedia issued a statement of apology, indicating that there was a problem with a batch of co-branded mugs he recently ordered, and the modeling error As a result, the cup of the water cup was pushed into the inside of the cup in the reverse direction. In fact, everything seems to be normal here, but when the co-branded object is the famous Ubisoft, everyone has begun to suspect that this “rollover” is intentional. After all, the wear model is a major “feature” of Ubisoft games.

Ubisoft’s official forwarding immediately afterwards confirmed everyone’s guess. @UBISOFT Ubisoft also emphasized that “you can drink water without worrying about facial mapping errors”. The unique design and the official game play make these special customized mugs more collectible than the common joint peripherals.

In fact, this is not the first time Ubisoft has been able to play like this. At last year’s ChinaJoy, Ubisoft played a good show of live mold wear on its own booth. Attentive users found inexplicable wear molds on the set. Half of the table top and a table leg.

Image source @游民星空