Offline stores exposed the price of Honor V40 in advance, 3999 enjoy 90 frames to eat chicken

Recently, some netizens uploaded the appointment information of Honor offline stores, and accidentally exposed the price of Honor V40 in advance. Judging from the promotional information, the 8+128 version of Honor V40 only sells for 3999 yuan (USD $571) , which is similar to the Honor channel passed online some time ago. The prices of warehouse outbound orders are basically the same, which can be said to further increase the credibility of the information.

As the first new product of Honor in many days, the upcoming information of Honor V40 has attracted the attention of many netizens after the exposure. As more and more information is exposed, everyone is also looking forward to this phone. According to the currently exposed materials, the Honor V40 will use a 6.72-inch 1 billion-color OLED waterfall screen, while supporting a 120Hz refresh rate and a 300Hz sampling rate. The gaming experience should be good.

Earlier, the results of the “Peace Elite” tested by GameBench were exposed. The Honor V40 easily reached the average frame rate of 90fps. In addition, in terms of charging, it will use a 66W wired super fast charging + 50W wireless fast charging solution, and will also be equipped with an exclusive deeply customized RYYB photosensitive pixel matrix. The strength in photography is also worth looking forward to.

In addition, the results of Master Lu’s evaluation have also been exposed, and achieved first place results in both response delay and completion delay tests, second only to the iPhone 12 Pro in the dynamic effect test, and the gap is very small. This result Not only does it surpass many Android flagship phones, it also has certain advantages compared to Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro.

At the same time, in the burn-in test evaluated by Master Lu, the Honor V40 is also the first mobile phone with a total score of over 10,000 in the current test. The average burn-in rate is only 3.42%, which means that even after long-term use, the Honor phone can still maintain Smooth operation.