One-click story creation, Huawei nova8 series professional Vlog phones make recording so easy

After watching a popular video on the homepage of Station B with my friends in September this year, everyone wanted to shoot short videos or Vlogs with their mobile phones in order to “go to the pinnacle of life”. A lot of it was wiped out instantly. Without professional equipment, open-minded copywriting, and persevering willpower, wanting to “explode” is tantamount to idiotic dreams.

At present, the hardware cost invested by a small UP master to produce short videos and Vlogs may be tens of thousands of small expenses. On the threshold, it is not a small expense for the working class, and it is even more difficult for young people who are still in school or just working.

The Huawei nova8 series released on December 23, positioned as a professional Vlog mobile phone, gave those young people who have wild imagination and love to shoot short videos an opportunity and the right to “I am in the mirror”.

Front Vlog dual camera lens + three independent microphones to ensure high-quality audio and video recording

Compared with short videos, generation Z young people prefer to take selfies with Vlog videos where they are the protagonist of the video. Huawei nova8 Pro is a mobile phone that allows young people to enjoy the fun of shooting Vlog.

First of all, Huawei nova8 Pro is equipped with a front 32-megapixel ultra-wide-angle selfie video lens + 16-megapixel portrait lens. This front Vlog video dual-lens supports 100° ultra-wide-angle. When personally shooting videos, you can manually switch the ultra-wide-angle for more shooting. Many scenery behind. In the photo mode, when the number of people in the viewfinder increases to 3 or when the vertical screen is switched to the horizontal screen, the system automatically switches to the ultra-wide-angle mode, allowing you to freely share the same frame with your friends.

Secondly, Huawei nova8 Pro is equipped with the innovative AIS super anti-shake algorithm, and you can record with friends while walking, and the picture in the phone can be kept stable at all times, just like a handheld gimbal, and the final recorded video can show that the face is stable. Does not shake, and the facial details are not swayed

In addition, Huawei has arranged three omnidirectional microphones on the top, bottom and back of the nova8 Pro mobile phone this time. With its own Audio Zoom beamforming algorithm, it can achieve clear sound pickup within a radius of 5 meters. When the picture in the zoom lens is artificially zoomed in, the distant sound will gradually be enlarged. It can also effectively combat other background noises.

Compatible with FreeBuds Pro long-distance clear recording and rich functions to help people easily take the camera

Furthermore, if you have bought a Huawei FreeBuds Pro true wireless Bluetooth headset, don’t forget to “group CP” with nova8 Pro, which has a wonderful chemical reaction to the CP file. FreeBuds Pro can assist nova8 Pro to achieve ultra-long-distance wireless and clear sound reception. It also has a good noise reduction function, which greatly improves the Vlog reception effect, and greatly improves the freedom of people when shooting Vlog.

Moreover, when recording a self-portrait Vlog at night or in a low light environment, Huawei nova8 Pro can automatically start the video ring fill light, just like carrying a soft light with you, with Huawei’s self-developed dual-domain joint noise reduction technology, the video noise reduction ability is improved 20%, easy to shoot glamorous night scene self-portrait Vlog video, the picture is clear and pure.

Finally, the built-in camera in the EMUI 11 system running on Huawei nova8 Pro provides a series of interesting video shooting methods. The new dual-view video 2.0 provides a new picture-in-picture mode. The lady can appear in the rear when she checks in on the internet celebrity. The sceneries captured by the lens are full of artistic conception.

There are also the slow motion of the front video that makes time stand still, the front time-lapse photography that makes the long time fall into an instant, the background blur of the front video portrait…With the Vlog supporting functions such as the video story creation mode, young people can finally create Professional Vlog video with excellent audio and picture quality.


The extremely fast 5G network allows young people to learn about all kinds of excitement in the world through short videos no matter where they are. And they find that many of these excitement are taken and recorded by ordinary people. Everyone He is the mirror of his own life.

That being the case, you may wish to record the scenery you see, the thoughts in your head, and your inner feelings through the “professional Vlog phone” of the Huawei nova8 series. When you can bring high-quality Vlog video at your fingertips, let it record all the wonderful things you see. It may be ordinary life, but also beautiful because of it.

Just today, Huawei’s nova8 series is on sale in all channels, starting at 3299 yuan (USD $471) . If you also want to be a Vlogger, then this phone is definitely for you.