One step to buy this right! Star 14 light and thin

With the coming of summer vacation, many students have the idea of changing their mobile phones and laptops. Especially for those who are about to enter the university campus, they should prepare some new equipment during the summer vacation. Nowadays, notebook computer is an indispensable equipment for study and work. Preparing a High-Performance Lightweight notebook product can make your study more efficient and college life more colorful. Starting with notebook products during the summer vacation, you can also enjoy some discounts brought by businesses. For example, this HP star series 14 slim book is quite good. It not only has a fashionable and lightweight fuselage and strong performance, but also is very affordable in terms of price, with high cost performance, which can meet the daily use needs of most students.

Today’s young people pay special attention to the appearance and appearance of the products. The A and C double sides of the star 14 light and thin version adopt fashionable and simple metal body, and use color contrast design. They are well matched and have a strong sense of the whole. Provide three kinds of young fashion color matching: first love powder, flowing gold and quiet silver, which can meet the students’ high pursuit of beauty. In terms of details, the slim version of star 14 is also well done. The wedge-shaped frame design with slightly convex upper and lower edges and concave middle makes the fuselage lines look more modern, and the three side one hand open and close screen is more convenient and labor-saving.

Ergonomic structure design is adopted at the shaft. The shaft is nicknamed as “buttock raising”. When the screen is opened, it can become the bottom support and lift the laptop body to a certain height. When using the keyboard, it has a comfortable and natural hand feeling experience, and also improves the heat dissipation effect of the bottom. It is worth mentioning that the body weight of star 14 is only 1.59kg, and the thickness of the body is as thin as 17.9mm. It has excellent portability. It is easy to carry around in a backpack. It is also very fashionable and temperament to hold it in the hand. The flimsy fuselage lightens the burden of travel, which can be described as a great welfare for the student party, who has classes every day and travels around the country.

On the B side of the fuselage, the star 14 Slim version is equipped with a 14 inch high-definition screen with a micro frame design, which has a higher proportion of the screen. With the FHD high-resolution IPS screen, the screen display is clear and bright, and the color is accurate and full, which can bring immersive visual experience. 178 ° wide viewing angle ensures that the screen content can be clearly seen from different angles. Use one with classmates and friends It is also more convenient for computer learning and playing. The C side of the fuselage is equipped with an LED backlight keyboard, which can better cope with the use at night or in dark light. The touch feedback of 1.5mm key range is comfortable, and the fast continuous typing is more fluent. The C-side is also equipped with a highly sensitive touchpad, which can be operated flexibly even if there is no mouse nearby. The 3D integrated molding technology of C surface can better prevent dust deposition, and protect the keyboard and touch panel with aesthetic feeling.

Not only that, the top of the C-plane adopts an artistic diamond speaker grille, which can produce diamond shaped visual effect through the reflection of natural light, showing a distinctive personality. With Danish Royal B & amp; o sound system, it brings more stereo and full cinema sound effect.

The power button is placed on the right side of the fuselage, and integrated with fingerprint identification function. You can directly enter the system by touching your finger without tedious password input. At the same time, it effectively ensures the security of internal privacy data. In terms of expansibility, star 14 lightweight version also provides “Grand Slam” interface design on both sides of the fuselage, equipped with type-C, HDMI, Gigabit network cable interface and two USB 3.1gen1, 3.5mm headphone microphone hole and card reader card slot bring rich peripheral connection and expansion capabilities, which can be well compatible and supported for external display, mouse, keyboard, projection and other peripheral equipment, and get rid of the embarrassment of small tail of expansion dock.

In terms of hardware performance, the star 14 lightweight version is equipped with Intel’s 10th generation core processor, providing i5 / i7 two versions of choice, up to 10 generations of core i7-1065g7 processor, using 10nm process, 4-core 8-thread design, Rui frequency can reach 3.9ghz, nearly 18% higher than the previous generation, it can easily deal with multi task processing and run large design software such as PS and PR It has no problem at all. It helps to learn more efficiently, and no longer has to face the annoying card slow and crash.

In addition, geforce mx330 is also equipped in the thin and light version of star 14. NVIDIA Pascal architecture design has strong graphics processing ability, and its performance has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation mx250. It can better cope with the use of graphic design, video clips and games, and its strong performance can meet your needs for learning and entertainment in many aspects.

In addition, the star 14 lightweight book is equipped with a maximum of 16GB ddr4-2666 large capacity memory, which can run multiple large software at the same time. Moreover, it is equipped with m.2 PCIe SSD solid-state disk, with a maximum of 1TB super large capacity, which can meet the dual requirements of storage speed and storage space. When storing or using large files, videos and games, you can get a very fast experience. In terms of heat dissipation, HP’s exclusive coolsense intelligent cooling system is pre installed, which can intelligently identify the operating environment and adjust the cooling strategy, without the need for one button acceleration, which is more convenient.

For student users, they often need to take their laptops to the classroom or library to learn and use. Star 14 lightweight book has a 10 hour endurance performance, which can meet the needs of a whole day’s learning and using. Even if you forget to charge the day before, it doesn’t matter. At the same time, the product supports fast charging technology. It can charge 50% in 45 minutes. You can use scattered time to make the computer “full of blood”. In addition, alien 14’s innovative wifi antenna is integrated into the top of the a-plane, which not only makes the signal receiving more smoothly, but also effectively avoids the radiation to the human body caused by the traditional design of placing the antenna in the front shaft. The details show HP’s no micro care for users. At the same time, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, stable signal and longer transmission distance. It is also very convenient to connect Bluetooth mouse, headset and other devices.

No matter in terms of appearance design, configuration performance or endurance, the light and thin version of star 14 has very outstanding performance. The lightweight fuselage reduces the burden of carrying, and the strong performance brings more fluent and efficient use experience, which can well meet the learning and work needs of students or professional elites. Star 14 lightweight book also provides 7×24 hours of all-weather service, any problem can be solved in time, without delaying the progress of study and work. The model with mechanical hard disk also has built-in HP Zhidun protection system. In case of emergency, the hard disk reading and writing will be stopped immediately to ensure the safety of internal data. Therefore, we do not worry about any quality problems, so we can purchase and use with confidence.

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