One touch Smart Life Huawei nova7 Pro three moves to unlock new skills

As the center of people’s daily life, mobile phones have penetrated into every corner of our life, from travel, catering to accommodation, shopping, and so on, every field can not be separated from mobile phones. It can be said that mobile phones are like people’s life & ldquo; housekeeper & rdquo;, which will feel isolated from the world without being around for a moment, which is particularly important for young people at present. And when you own Huawei’s nova7 pro, it’s even more “doting”. Why do you say that? Look down together.

Huawei nova7 Pro color 7

miss this and that? non-existent!

For the impetuous young people, it may be their common fault that they forget to take the access card or the bus card. The scene of standing in the middle of the street and slapping your head suddenly is staged several times a week. However, when you have a Huawei nova7 pro, such a program can end.

On the basis of NFC, Huawei nova7 Pro supports bus swiping, access control card, card reader mode, point-to-point mode and other functions. A small mobile phone integrates multiple cards, such as door forbidden card, bank card and bus card. With Huawei nova7 pro, it can even say goodbye to wallet card holder directly.

Electricity panic? non-existent!

Another headache for young people is that they can’t help playing with their mobile phones. As long as there is no rechargeable battery at hand, the danger of power-off and power-off will follow. Huawei’s nova7 Pro is on the way for your mobile phone’s endurance & ldquo; double insurance & rdquo;: 4000mAh large battery + 40W Huawei super fast charging.

The huge battery capacity first lays a solid foundation for the overall endurance experience. No matter how heavy a user you are, in front of 4000 MAH you are “younger brother”. All you need to do is play freely. But after unbridled, the next day wake up to find no charge how to do? Another insurance: 40W super fast charging shows its advantages. In 30 minutes, 75% of the electricity can be charged. In addition, the German Rhine T & uuml; V security fast charging certification guarantee. Just when you get up and wash, your Huawei nova7 Pro mobile phone will be full of blood again.

Can’t self photograph? non-existent!

As a young man, no one doesn’t like to take selfies, but sometimes the effect of taking selfies really dissuades people. Do you want to take a group photo? Not right. But when you have a Huawei nova7 Pro mobile phone, you can confidently say: use mine!

In particular, most young people like to stay in the deepest night, go shopping with good friends in shopping malls, amusement parks, bars and other places, hang out together or shake red wine glasses together, and love colorful and black young people. Wonderful night life is an essential nutrient flowing in their blood.

As the flagship of 5g selfie video, Huawei’s nova7 pro, with the help of auto focus and eye tracking function, makes selfie clearer and more beautiful, as well as when shooting vlog. At the same time, the front 32 million dual lens of the camera supports the functions of new super night scene 3.0, video beauty, screen circle light supplement and so on, bringing clear and delicate night shooting experience for the ladies and sisters. In the night shooting, Huawei Nova 7 Pro is used to take selfie, and it can also enjoy the optimization functions of night selfie, such as skin texture Optimization, lens reflection, video beauty and clear background. It can not only provide facial focus for young men and girls when taking selfies, but also achieve accurate eye focus.

Taken by Huawei’s nova7 Pro front lens

Since then, when using Huawei’s Nova 7 Pro 5g selfie, young people will no longer be limited to the distance limit, and when “focusing accurately” the eyes, it can make the eyes appear natural and vivid, as if they have beautiful eyes. Even in the dark night, the characters are still full of “eye light”, and the beauty is naturally brilliant.

Huawei nova7 Pro color 7


Since its release, Huawei’s Nova 7 Pro has won the favor of many young people with its excellent performance and rich functions. It is not only the spiritual resonance between products and young people, but also the practical convenience and beauty for young people with excellent product quality. What’s the reason why you can’t choose 5g flagship, which can save you from three major ailments, such as loss of energy, panic of electricity and fear of selfie? At present, during the Dragon Boat Festival, Huawei’s nova7 series full platform is free of interest for six periods, so those who want to buy it should hurry up!