OnePlus 8 Pro Samsung S20 rivals will be equipped with Sony IMX689, adaptive 120Hz

The Samsung S20 series is widely recognized as the Android emperor. It is equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, UFS3.0 flash memory, LPDDR5 memory, and more importantly, the Samsung S20 series supports 120Hz refresh rate and 2K resolution, but these two functions cannot be simultaneously This is undoubtedly regrettable.

However, after receiving OPPO Find X2 Pro, phonearena got a lot of praise after experiencing 120Hz + 3K resolution, but there is a reason that Samsung did not turn on high resolution and high refresh rate at the same time, that is, battery life. Phonearena test S20 Ultra has a 30% difference in battery life at 60Hz and 120Hz, respectively.

A high refresh rate will undoubtedly bring higher power consumption, but phonearena speculated that Liu Zuohu previously stated on Twitter that OnePlus will use a custom MEMC chip. OnePlus 8 Pro will use an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, which is fixed with Samsung. The 120Hz refresh rate is different, which means that you only need to adapt the video bit rate when playing the video, which can save power.

In addition, according to Ishan Agarwal, the OnePlus 8 Pro will use Sony IMX689 as the main camera, IMX586 as an ultra-wide-angle lens and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens, which is very receptive to camera stacking.

At present the official has not preheated the OnePlus 8 series, but it won't take long, I believe this powerful OnePlus 8 series will meet us.