OnePlus 8T continues to lead the high-frame screen experience Liu Zuohu said it will focus on three major directions

On October 15, Beijing time, OnePlus held a new product launch conference at 751D·PARK 79 in Beijing, and officially released the OnePlus 8T mobile phone. At the press conference, OnePlus CEO and founder Liu Zuohu said that China's mobile phone industry is experiencing a "black swan" battle. Facing challenges, OnePlus firmly believes that good products naturally have a good market. In the past seven years, OnePlus has focused on building the best Android flagship, and has taken a place in the global high-end mobile phone market. In the future, OnePlus will be “bigger” in the three directions of product line, channel and surrounding ecology based on making good products.

Leading the global high-end machine market

In recent years, consumers around the world have become more and more accepting of high-end models, high-end has become an industry trend, and competition has become increasingly fierce. In the face of the drastically changing industry environment in 2020, OnePlus has withstood the pressure and challenges and achieved outstanding results in many markets around the world.

Liu Zuohu shared several sets of data at the press conference: The authoritative research organization Counterpoint report shows that in India, the third largest smartphone market in the world, OnePlus, as a brand that has only been established for only seven years, has repeatedly surpassed Apple and Samsung in the high-end market. ; In the high-end market of Western Europe, OnePlus ranks in the top three, second only to Apple and Samsung; in the domestic market, the OnePlus 8 series released in April this year performed well in all channels, and sales broke within one minute of the first sale From the release to October, OnePlus 8 Pro has always been the sales champion of JD 5000-5999 high-end 5G Android phones.

OnePlus' outstanding results in the global market are inseparable from the continuous precipitation of brand power. Today, OnePlus' overseas influence is steadily increasing. In the 2020 BrandZ Top 50 Chinese Brands List, OnePlus ranks 8th, rising for four consecutive years, making it the youngest mobile phone brand on the list. In the global high-end mobile phone market, taking good products as the root, and constantly working hard, is releasing more and more brand potential.

Three directions for OnePlus

Adhering to the brand concept of "no end", OnePlus has gone through seven years of flagship journey. Turning to the future development of OnePlus, Liu Zuohu said: “In the past seven years, OnePlus has proven to the outside world our ability to make high-quality goods. In the future, OnePlus will focus on product lines and channels on the basis of making high-quality goods. , The three directions of surrounding ecology, making it stronger and bigger."

In July of this year, OnePlus released the mid-range OnePlus Nord One in India and Europe, officially broadening the product line of OnePlus, and the market performed well. In the future, OnePlus will launch more product lines. In terms of channels, since the beginning of this year, OnePlus' domestic offline stores have achieved rapid growth. So far, it has covered 30 provinces and 110 cities, and the number of cooperative offline stores has increased by 140%. Liu Zuohu said that in order to allow more users to easily experience OnePlus' products, the future will continue to make efforts in channels and after-sales.

Finally, Liu Zuohu also shared his personal understanding of smart ecological experience. He believes that seamless connection is the key, that is, the home scene, personal wear, and third-party smart terminals are all in a state of being connected. To achieve the best smart ecological experience, multiple brands in various industries need to work together to perform their duties in the ecological chain, and OnePlus can do it by creating better smart phones, wearable devices and peripherals in home life scenarios. Connect and get through between good scenes.

Screen super flagship OnePlus 8T

The flagship OnePlus 8T released this time continues OnePlus' consistent leadership in performance. OnePlus 8T is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 platform, supports 5G, and uses 120Hz high frame screen. In terms of taking pictures, OnePlus 8T uses a 48MP ultra-clear four-camera system. OnePlus 8T also has 65W super flash charge and 4500mAh battery energy, which can be fully charged with 70% power in 20 minutes. At the same time, OnePlus 8T comes standard with a new charging head that supports all Fast Charge protocols of OnePlus. At the same time, OnePlus 8T also supports 45W PD and PPS output, which is better compatible with fast charging of other mobile phones, computers and other devices.

For a long time, OnePlus has pursued to bring users a brisk and smooth product experience, and the screen, as the most critical carrier of human-computer interaction, is the top priority of OnePlus' products. Since last year, OnePlus has taken the lead in starting with the refresh rate, greatly improving the screen experience and leading the industry's trend of high-frame screens. This time, OnePlus 8T is equipped with a 120Hz top-level screen that supports 8192-level automatic brightness adjustment, reaching the highest level of current Android phones. Liu Zuohu previously confidently said: "If you want to pick a good screen, you don't have to worry about choosing OnePlus 8T."

In terms of design, OnePlus 8T also reflects OnePlus' attention to design details and user experience everywhere. OnePlus 8T adopts a brand-new material design. The silver color matching uses the sixth-generation AG glass process, which has a warm texture; the blue color matching uses the “diffuse texture” pioneered by OnePlus, which makes the glass present the glazed texture of ceramics and is not easy Contaminated with fingerprints, to bring users an excellent experience of vision and feel.

The price of OnePlus 8T starts at 3399 yuan (USD $486) , and it will be available at Huantai Mall, OnePlus official website,, Tmall, Suning, Instalment, JD Home, Sundian, Jiuji, Meicheng, Telecom at 10 am on October 19 , China Mobile, China Unicom and other omni-channel sales.