Oneplus budds Bluetooth headset: pay equal attention to sound quality and endurance

With the news of the 3.5mm headset interface on the mobile phone, Bluetooth headset has become the first choice of users. Especially the appearance of TWS real wireless headset not only brings better wearing experience, but also improves the operation experience. OnePlus recently launched a TWS true wireless headset, oneplus budds. This Bluetooth headset not only has excellent sound quality, but also provides up to 30 hours of service life, as well as ultra-low delay and 3mic noise reduction technology.

The biggest highlight of oneplus budds is that it supports up to 30 hours of battery life, and the headset box supports warp flash charging. There is also a 3mic noise reduction + intelligent voice noise reduction algorithm, which makes the call clearer. Moreover, the price of oneplus bugs is less than 1000 yuan (USD $143) , which is more cost-effective than other TWS real wireless headphones on the market.


The oneplus budds, like the TWS true wireless headphones on the market, provide a headset box that can charge the headset. The design of the earphone case is quite simple, with a white background color and a gray logo, which is particularly eye-catching.

Oneplus budds are available in three colors: gray, white and blue. The earphone case is small and round. It adopts the classic BABYSKIN touch material design of OnePlus mobile phone, which makes the handle delicate and smooth. There is also a button on the headset box, which is used for Bluetooth pairing. If you open the headset box, the headset will automatically connect to the phone.

The oneplus budds are fixed in the earphone case with a magnet, and the headset will not fall out if the headset box is reversed. The oneplus budds headset can listen for up to 7 hours when fully charged, and can use the headset case for additional multiple charges, with a maximum battery life of up to 30 hours.

The design of oneplusbugs earphone is also very simple, with white main tone. Oneplus bugs headset is half in ear design, weighing only 4.7G. Even if it is worn for a long time, the ear is still dull and comfortable. Oneplus budds also support IPx4 life waterproof, more comfortable to use.

Oneplus budds uses 3mic noise reduction and intelligent voice algorithm to reduce noise for calls. Even in the noisy environment such as subway and station, it can still have a clear call experience.