OnePlus concept one, the first concept machine, appeared with the design of “hidden post camera”

[techweb] on January 7, 2020, Yijia Mobile launched its first concept machine & mdash; oneplus concept one, which is the first time that Yijia has demonstrated its technological innovation to the world through concept products. The oneplus concept one is inspired by McLaren’s & ldquo; hidden rear camera & rdquo; design. It successfully hides the rear camera module under the back cover of the mobile phone through the electrochromic technology, which only appears when it is used. However, when it is not needed, users can hardly detect its existence.

The oneplus concept one back cover combines McLaren’s customized leather materials and electrochromic glass to make the concept machine feel light and comfortable. In addition, the design of & ldquo; hidden rear camera & ldquo; hides the camera module under the back cover of the mobile phone through the electrochromic technology, which only appears when it is used, and well realizes the integrated appearance design. Besides satisfying the more aesthetic design form, it also brings the improvement of user experience with practical significance. By adjusting the transparency and color depth of the glass, the rear camera of the concept machine can also take clear and detailed photos under strong light, which further improves the imaging ability of the mobile phone.

Oneplus concept one has applied electrochromic technology to the mobile phone industry for the first time. Before that, most of the electrochromic glass applications were in the fields of super running, aircraft and so on. After continuous debugging, the research and development team finally reduced this glass and applied it to the mobile camera with very high requirements for lenses, and controlled the thickness of the electrochromic glass to 0.35mm. Not only that, after a large number of adjustments and tests, Yijia team has achieved the ultimate electrochromic speed & mdash; & mdash; 0.7 seconds, ensuring the fast response speed of oneplus concept one.

Liu zuohu, CEO and founder of Yijia, said: “this concept machine is a meaningful exploration of the form of smart phones, and Yijia is committed to upgrading the user experience to a new level. Electrochromic technology provides an optimal solution for smart phone shape design, which is very aesthetic and in line with the idea of no burden. This is just the beginning, and we will continue to explore more possibilities in the future. ”

For a long time, Yijia has been adhering to the concept of “no burden” and exploring the form design of smart phones with both performance and beauty. From OnePlus one bamboo back cover, OnePlus two aramid fiber back cover, wood grain back cover, OnePlus x ceramic back cover, to OnePlus six Ag glass, etc., OnePlus continuously explores the new direction of smart phone industrial design. Oneplus concept one & ldquo; hidden Post & rdquo; is another new idea for the future design of smart phones.