OnePlus joins hands with IPA International Photography Awards to create professional mobile photography competitions

On July 2nd, OnePlus announced the launch of the “OnePlus Seeing Images Project” mobile phone photography competition in collaboration with the industry’s authoritative IPA International Photography Awards. The competition will launch a collection of works for professional photographers, mobile phone photography enthusiasts, and mass mobile phone users around the world, and encourage participants to use mobile phones to create images, record their lives, and take good photos.

Join hands with the world’s top photography award OnePlus to continue to develop images

In May of this year, OnePlus and the IPA International Photography Awards reached a three-year cooperation, and the OnePlus 9 series became the official smartphone of IPA 2021. The IPA International Photography Awards is a world-famous top photography competition. It is one of the most highly regarded, challenging and comprehensive competitions in the photography industry. It is dedicated to commending outstanding professional and non-professional photography works from all over the world, which has a great influence in the industry. force. The past award-winning works of IPA have outstanding aesthetic expression. The photographers tell vivid stories through their own works, which coincides with the photography proposition of OnePlus. This time, OnePlus teamed up with IPA to launch the “OnePlus Seeing Images Project”, which will invite more users to share image stories, continuing the OnePlus concept of “there is always a story seen by images”.

OnePlus believes that doing a good job of mobile phone imaging is not just a simple upgrade of hardware parameters, but also a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the image from the root, and more perceptual thinking. To this end, OnePlus also reached a long-term strategic cooperation with the legendary imaging brand Hasselblad in March this year. OnePlus 9 series launched OnePlus丨Hasselblad mobile imaging system, which combines the profound aesthetic accumulation of traditional photography with highly intelligent computing photography. Together, the pursuit of the ultimate imaging experience, full force imaging.

Hasselblad ambassador helps create professional mobile photography competition

In order to enhance the professionalism of the competition in an all-round way, OnePlus invited Hasselblad ambassador, world-renowned outdoor photographer Lars Schneider, Hasselblad ambassador, fashion portrait photographer Yin Chao to interpret the concept of the competition for the participants, and invited more than 20 photographers from all over the world Teachers and industry experts formed a professional jury to score the entries submitted by the participants from multiple professional dimensions and jointly select the winners.

Some representatives of the global professional jury

This competition has two competition units and five categories of themes. Professional photographers and non-professional photography enthusiasts from all over the world can participate freely. Among them, the main competition unit has four themes of “Seeing the World”, “Seeing the True Colors”, “Seeing the Face”, and “Seeing the Night Light”. The special social platform unit has the theme of “Seeing the Story”, including landscapes, characters, colors, night scenes, etc. Content can participate. The competition set up multiple awards such as annual photography contest works, unit group gold, silver and bronze. The winners can get up to 10,000 US dollars in prizes and the flagship mobile phone OnePlus 9 Pro of the year. The solicitation period is from July 2 to September 10, during this period. Users can submit contributions through the official website of the competition and social platforms.

Mobile photography is making the creation and expression of images more free and efficient. Through this “OnePlus Seeing Images Project” photography competition, OnePlus hopes that more people can use mobile phones to create video works anytime, anywhere, capture the beautiful pictures in their hearts, and share video stories together. For more information, please visit the official website of “OnePlus Seeing Images Project”.