OnePlus officially confirms the smartwatch release plan, or adopts a detachable dial design

It was previously reported that OnePlus would release a smart watch product, and this news has now been officially confirmed. Recently, OnePlus official Twitter posted that more products will be added to the OnePlus hardware ecosystem, but it will take some time.

The picture is a design sketch of a watch product. According to the text on the picture, this design sketch is from 2015. At that time, OnePlus had plans for mass production, but in the end, OnePlus did not release this smartwatch. According to the foreign media GMSARENA, OnePlus was producing smart watches and even finished products as early as 2016, but the reason for the subsequent release was that the team was not satisfied with the results and believed that the watch did not form the same as other products in the brand lineup. style.

At the same time, GMSARENA also released the 2015 OnePlus smartwatch design sketch. We can see that this watch uses a round dial design, but unlike smart watches currently on the market, its dial has a detachable design.

The dial is mounted on the fixed component of the strap through a rotating device. Perhaps the disassembled dial can interact with other OnePlus products.