OnePlus Pay is suspected in internal testing, OnePlus 7T series users are preferred early adopters

On September 26 last year, at the launch of the OnePlus 7T series, OnePlus announced that it would launch the OnePlus Pay mobile payment system in 2020, with a priority for the Chinese market, followed by the United States, India and other markets.

News on March 24th, according to domestic media reports, OnePlus Pay system OnePlus Pay has been launched.

OnePlus Pay疑似内存中,一加7T系列用户优先尝鲜

According to the exposed OnePlus Pay interface, it can be used for offline POS machines, payment codes, and online payments. At the same time, it can be bound to a bank card and swiped a mobile phone to ride.

It is reported that there are relatively few bank card types supported by OnePlus Pay at present, and only the Guangfa Bank, Minsheng Bank, Pudong Development Bank, and Guangfa and Pudong Credit Cards that have been exposed are currently supported.

OnePlus Pay疑似内存中,一加7T系列用户优先尝鲜

According to the information released by the OnePlus Forum, OnePlus Pay is expected to be launched on the 7T series in March. Other models are still in the pipeline and will be gradually launched in the future. The OnePlus 7T series is currently under beta.

If you are a OnePlus 7T series user and want to use OnePlus Pay, you may go to the official website to learn about the information and try out early.

OnePlus Pay疑似内存中,一加7T系列用户优先尝鲜

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