Open the folding screen for a new experience Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G review

Last year, the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a folding screen mobile phone, broke the traditional form of smart terminals and created a new category of mobile smart terminals. Since then, many manufacturers have also followed up in the field of folding screens. For users, folding screen products will undoubtedly bring more interesting ways to use and provide a new experience. With the maturity of the folding screen glass process and hinge design this year, Samsung has updated and upgraded on this basis and launched the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G mobile phone. Next, we will send you a review of this new product.

After technology accumulation and upgrading, Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 can be said to be the latest foldable mobile phone and the strongest foldable mobile phone so far. If you need a product with powerful performance and a very distinctive personality, then Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is definitely the best choice. Previously, users criticized the problem of too small external screen display and screen problems, which have been well upgraded in this generation. First of all, we will first look at the upgrades of this product from the outside.


Since Samsung's first generation of foldable smartphones was delayed due to folding hinge problems, the hinge design of foldable phones has become the focus of attention of users. With the accumulated experience of the previous generation, the folding part of this generation of Galaxy Z Fold2 5G provides users with a more reasonable and durable design.

Samsung learned the previous lessons in the hinge and made substantial improvements. It not only solved the problem of the gap between the old Fold's display cover and hinge, but also carried out a new design of the folding mechanism. Based on the Z Flip hinge cleaning technology, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been upgraded again, and the overall structure has been miniaturized, the so-called "hidden hinge." This further prevents dust and debris from entering the hinge structure, and completely prevents dust and other particles from entering the bottom of the display screen. In terms of firmness, the angle of inclination after unfolding can also reach 75-115 degrees or more as advertised by Samsung, and the wider folding angle also provides users with more usage scenarios.

The hinge upgrade solves the basic use problem of the folding screen, and Samsung has also put a lot of effort in the screen experience. After the size of the entire external screen is expanded to 6.2 inches, it also has a very good experience. Even when it is closed, the display content can be presented well. There is no problem in viewing information and replying to emails. .

When the phone screen is folded, it will appear very narrow as a whole. You can use one hand to hold, slide or simply reply to the message. It is easier to hold and the hand feel is much better than traditional large-screen phones. The fingerprint recognition on the side is very practical. Compared with the screen fingerprint solution using capacitive recognition, it is better in accuracy and recognition speed. The fingerprint module combined with the off-screen button allows users to unlock more naturally when holding and turning on the phone.

The 6.2-inch external display is protected by the latest Gorilla Victus glass, which is the same material as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and also has a plastic screen protector on it. The back cover of the phone uses Gorilla Glass 6, which gives the best protection when the phone is dropped from a height.

The brightness of the external display is very high, the color performance is also very good, and can display the correct white balance. Coupled with the excellent grip feel and the use habit close to ordinary smart phones, this has become a screen often used on Galaxy Z Fold2 for light users.

Of course, as a folding screen mobile phone, the user's focus on the screen will still fall back to the 7.6-inch flexible main screen. The 7.6-inch foldable display is covered with Samsung Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) material. This design not only prevents scratches and peeling of the folded part of the screen, but also provides a clearer and more transparent display. It is also due to the addition of UTG material that provides a certain degree of protection for the screen, and it will not leave obvious dents on the screen like other folding products. However, like the Z Flip released in the first half of the year, the UTG layer is still covered with a protective film. Compared with our traditional smart phone products, the hand feel will be slightly different.

Although the screen material is different, this main display still maintains the excellent quality of Samsung's display screen, the color performance is just right, and it supports the HDR10+ display standard. And this screen has a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which is the first refresh rate mode used in a foldable phone. It will increase or decrease the refresh speed according to the displayed content, so as to save power.

Folding allows users to enjoy larger mobile phone products, and the large screen is accompanied by more application scenarios. Among them, multitasking is the most representative function. Samsung has actually done a lot of work on multitasking. By sliding to open the sidebar, users can perform split-screen multitasking operations. For example, by opening pictures and documents, they can directly drag and drop the required pictures into the document. And Samsung will further optimize this feature and provide more third-party applications optimized for large screens.

In terms of use, most of the current applications can be well adapted to the large folding screen. Compared with traditional mobile phones in text reading and web browsing, it can be said that it is very cool to use a 7.6-inch display, except for the display range. In addition to being very large, there is also a silky 120Hz refresh rate support, which provides a very good experience for users' most frequently used Weibo and WeChat Moments browsing.


Of course, the smooth multitasking mentioned above can only be achieved by relying on top performance hardware. The Snapdragon 865+ mobile platform is equipped with 12GB of memory. This configuration alone is sufficient to prove its identity as a top-performance flagship. With the flagship features of large-size screen and ultra-high refresh rate, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is in the benchmark test. And actual use provides users with the best experience.

Through related game tests, we can also see that in the current mainstream "Honor of the King" and "Peace Elite" games, the entire process can be stabilized at the highest frame rate with the highest quality blessing, even if there is some intense Team battle scenes, or field battlefields with complex environments can be presented to users smoothly.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G uses the same 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens and telephoto lens as the Note 20 in terms of parameters. Compared with the previous generation Fold, the sensor of the 12-megapixel main lens has been upgraded from 1/1.8 to 1/1.4, so as to achieve better low-light environment shooting effects. The large-size sensor can also achieve a more natural blur shooting effect.

Next, let’s take a look at the proofs taken by the rear camera. Because the amount of light has increased a lot, the proofs taken by the camera will perform better in the dynamic range, both in bright areas (such as clouds in the sky) and dark areas (such as trees). Can be well exposed. If it is backlit shooting, it can still retain a lot of details. All the shots of Yang Zhan are a bit over-saturated in the color performance of imitating wheat. It can be said that they have maintained the consistent style of Samsung's photography.

The camera application can also be multitasked. Scroll through the photos you have taken on half of the main screen, while framing the next photo on the other half of the screen. This operation method has been applied on the Galaxy Z Flip at the beginning of the year.

In addition to the function of folding and sub-tasking, users can also use the main screen and external screen to preview at the same time, so that both the photographer and the subject can see the preview screen. This is also a big advantage of this phone. In terms of taking pictures, the biggest advantage of a foldable phone is that it can use an external screen as a viewfinder, which is a very convenient function.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 has two battery packs with a total capacity of 4500mAh. The standard charger can be used for 15W wireless charging and 25W wired fast charging. This phone also supports Samsung's reverse wireless charging, which can be charged by placing the Galaxy Buds Live or Watch on the back cover of the phone. The power can reach 9W, which is enough to charge ordinary smart wearable devices. In emergency situations where you need to make a call or important contact matters, you can also charge a mobile phone that supports wireless charging to ensure the completion of the call.

Because it is equipped with a huge main display, the power consumption is still higher than that of ordinary smart phone products. This will be more obvious after watching videos or playing games for a long time. If you only use an external display, the power consumption in this case will become very low. If it is only used lightly, it can provide a very long battery life. With an adjustable refresh rate, you can use two screens daily. Let Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G tend to balance in terms of battery life.

to sum up

Due to the realization of technology and some other production costs, the price of foldable mobile phones has been at a very high level. However, the functionality achieved by the unique design of foldable screen phones is still driving the current smartphone market that is particularly homogenized. To update and change the trend. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G has upgraded the screen, hinges and camera functions that users pay attention to. On this basis, it also provides a richer split-screen gameplay and camera gameplay, which expands the use of smart phones. With the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, many users have changed the previous experience of folding screen phones that are not yet fully mature, and users need to further adapt to the thesis of folding screen phones to achieve a reversal in word of mouth. It can be said that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is a landmark folding screen mobile phone.