Open up a new fast charging track, Honor 50 series popularize high-quality fast charging experience

The high-speed network experience of today’s 5G mobile phones is based on more complex and more power-consuming antenna and radio frequency designs. If you want to have a safe and stable battery life, fast charging technology is even more indispensable. However, the fast charging power of the mobile phone industry has been increasing year by year, and the impact on the user experience is not entirely positive. Some users have also felt the troubles caused by ultra-high power fast charging: the body of the mobile phone has become heavy and heats up during charging. , Fast charging but fast power consumption and other issues.

Therefore, fast charging is far more than just a power figure, and there are many underlying technologies behind it. For example, the recently released Honor 50 Pro, although considered a junior in the 100-watt fast-charging mobile phone camp, its single-cell dual-circuit design has opened up a more dimensional vision for the industry’s fast-charging technology.

Charge 90% in 20 minutes, breaking the traditional single-cell fast charge

The fast charging speed of a mobile phone is fundamentally determined by current and voltage, but when the voltage or current rise is too high, the traditional single-cell battery with bipolar ear (one positive and one negative) design is adopted, and the charging efficiency is It tends to be reduced, which leads to a sharp increase in the heat of charging, and the further increase in power is therefore a bottleneck.

The charging power of 100W means that the battery core has to pass about 20A current, which is nearly doubled compared to the past. Honor 50 Pro has built an innovative battery cell structure for this purpose, that is, three-pole ear (two positive and one negative) + internal multi-pole ear structure, which upgrades the single-cell dual-channel charging to multi-channel charging; and customized and first released 4: 1 The charge pump charging technology greatly improves the conversion efficiency of 20V to 5V, and for the first time the single-cell charging voltage is increased to 20V.

It can be seen that the 100-watt super fast charge realized by the Honor 50 Pro can charge a 4000mAh battery to 90% in only 20 minutes. Compared with the traditional single-cell fast charge, the advantages are obvious.

Fast charging of one hundred watts, but also light and thin hand feeling

Users who are more knowledgeable about fast charging may know that in order to solve the problem of insufficient voltage and current that can be passed by the traditional single cell, in fact, there has been a common solution on the market, that is, the mobile phone can be connected in series with dual cells. The charging voltage is doubled, which makes it easier to increase the charging power of the mobile phone.

But the dual-cell solution is not perfect. Compared with a single cell, the dual cell solution first brings about a structural capacity loss-because two batteries are connected in series, there must be insufficient space in between. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that mobile phones with charging power of more than 100W on the market are usually thicker (the thickness of 9mm at any time).

Compared with other hundred-watt fast-charging mobile phones with dual-cell solutions, Honor 50 Pro adopts a single-cell dual-circuit design without adding a step-down circuit, making the battery thinner, and the size of the mobile phone can naturally be controlled more. Well, for the first time, the one-hundred-watt fast charge has been brought into the thin and light body of 8.05mm/187g, allowing both high-speed charging and light hand feel to have both.

Low loss, more durable

Another disadvantage of the dual-cell solution is that the voltage raised by the battery cells in series needs to go through a step-down circuit to power the system, and there will be a certain amount of power loss in actual use, so many mobile phones that seem to have a large battery capacity , In actual use, it is not necessarily much better than a mobile phone with a small capacity battery.

According to the 5-hour battery life test data evaluated by Weibo user @小白, the Honor 50 Pro with a built-in 4000mAh single-cell multi-circuit battery, the actual battery life performance is compared with most current 4500mAh dual-cell battery flagship models. It’s almost the same.

(Data source: [email protected]小白测评)

Low fever, safer

As mentioned earlier, Honor’s battery cell dual-channel & multi-circuit solution further reduces the interface and pressure on the cable when a large current passes through a single cell by increasing the number of tabs and the proportion of charge pumps. At the same time, multi- tab batteries tend to With lower impedance, it can further reduce the heating condition of the mobile phone, make the mobile phone perform more stable when charging, and ensure the safety of the mobile phone during fast charging.

Multi-level layout to promote the full popularization of high-quality fast charging

Honor has not limited the single-cell dual-circuit technology to the flagship machine, but has completed the layout of the new technology in multiple gears. For example, the current Honor 50 standard version starting at 2699 yuan (USD $386) , and even the Honor 50 SE starting at 2399 yuan (USD $343) , support 66W single-cell multi-circuit fast charging, which can charge more than 70% in 20 minutes, which is more Users save valuable time every day.

It can be seen that today, when the fast-charging power “arms race” is popular, the Honor 50 Pro did not follow the mainstream to compete for power, but for a more refined experience, it dared to choose a brand-new charging solution for others to make fast charging a one The item integrates a comprehensive competition in multiple dimensions such as speed, safety, durability, and phone thickness. The Honor after independence still shows us the brand gene of innovation and unique insights into user experience.