OPPO 2121 Future Image Project officially ended, 100 winners were moved by color

On June 30, 2021, the two-month #OPPO 2121未来影计划# video collection officially came to an end. #OPPO 2121未来摄影计划# jointly initiated by the color imaging flagship OPPO Find X3 series, image explorer Jiang Wen, and Oscar actor Eddie Redmayne encourages everyone to use images to retain today’s colors for the future 100 years from now.

In the past two months, mobile photography enthusiasts from all over the world participated in the submission of the two major units of “Keep the Disappearing Colors” and “Keep the Colors of the Fireworks in the World”.

After being screened by three global judges, film director Bi Gan, National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, global travel photographer Lennart Pagel, and OPPO, 100 outstanding works from around the world came to the fore. The list of winners was released today.

“One piece of good deeds”, image public welfare project

Colors are disappearing every moment on the earth. The 2121 Future Image Project sets up two submission units, “Keep the Disappearing Colors” and “Keep the Colors of Fireworks in the World”. The former records those colors that may gradually disappear, while the latter records Ordinary and moving fireworks in the world. One of the judges of the event, National Geographic photographer Joel said: “Images are the last hope for wild animals on the verge of disappearing. It is also the only way for many urbanites to see and feel them with their own eyes.” We hope that every time the shutter is pressed, OPPO’s products can better help users restore the moment, this situation, and this scene, and return the control of color to users.

OPPO joined hands with Tencent Charity to turn this image collection into a charity event: every time it receives a piece of submitted work, OPPO will donate 1 yuan to the China Green Foundation through the Tencent Charity Platform to support China Green Foundation’s rare Species and ecological environmental protection projects, including the protection of wild animals, giant pandas, Asian elephants, Siberian tigers, Amur leopards, white-headed langurs and Populus euphratica forest ecological restoration, desert oasis construction, etc., together retain the colors of the world.

It is also true that the OPPO 2121 future imaging plan does not restrict participating models, and all mobile photography enthusiasts are welcome to contribute to the public welfare.

After two months of solicitation, OPPO will donate RMB 542,465 this time to protect the colors of the world with images.

The touching story needs no words, the color itself is the answer

#OPPO 2121未来摄影计划# A total of 100 winning works from around the world (in no particular order) are selected. The space is limited and it is not possible to show all of them. Please check the official website https://events.oppo.com/cn/see-beyond/ .

Three professional judges chose their favorite works and wrote their comments:

“Childhood Photo Studio” shot by Zhang Neixian on OPPO Find X3 Pro

Judge Bi Gan: This photo is a perfect answer. If someone asks, what is a happy planet?

“Tea Market” Guo Jiangtao shot by OPPO R7s

Judge Bi Gan: People travel through the vibrant green, and new tea covers their old time.

“Chongqing “Flying Man”” taken by the crooked OPPO Find X3 Pro

Judge Bi Gan: This photo recorded the man jumping into the water as a flight.

“The Old Man on the Swing” Shot by Jin Chuangcheng on OPPO Reno6 Pro

Judge Bi Gan: In order to find you, I moved into the eyes of a bird

“Want to Look” shot by Tang Hebiao OPPO Find X3 Pro

Judge Bi Gan: Like the opening of a movie, the protagonist is the most beautiful red created by the creator, and the night is about to engulf it.

“Olympic Forest Park” Gao Haojun shot by OPPO Find X2 Pro

Judge Bi Gan: This silhouette is reminiscent of many beautiful words, as if returning to a tender moment in memory.

Overseas submissions @ Ritu Maheshwari OPPO Reno2 Z shooting

Judge Bi Gan: The little boy looked up at the sky, and the cloud moved ahead of the rain.

Overseas submissions @amazingterengganu taken by OPPO Find X3 Pro

Judge Joel Sartore (National Geographic Photographer): As a photographer, I have read countless pictures in my life, but I have never seen such a fishing scene. This photo touched me not only by the beauty, but also by the ingenious timing, the richness of the colors, and the tension of the story. I seem to have taken the place of the fisherman and is collecting the fishing net.

“Couples in Love on the Beach” by Qiu Fucheng OPPO Find X3 Pro

Judge Joel Sartore (National Geographic photographer): This is probably the best interpretation of the “freeze moment”! The moment when the lovers kiss, the moment when the waves beat, this is the most beautiful coincidence.

“Outside the Window” Shanghai Cold Air Shot on OPPO Find X3 Pro

Judge Joel Sartore (Photographer from National Geographic): It looks like a picture from a distance, but like a song at a close distance. Lovely windows and lovely people, they are subtle composition levels, and they are also beautiful pictures that echo each other.

“A plane about to land in the blue sky” by Xiao Xuexiong OPPO Find X3 Pro

Judge Lennart Page (Global Travel Photographer): The juxtaposition of the old and the new is really amazing. Tradition and technology are frozen at this moment, as if telling a story for thousands of years.

Overseas submissions @bennylims taken by OPPO Find X3 Pro

Judge Lennart Page (Global Travel Photographer): Even if the road behind you is smooth, love still leaps out of the beauty. I wish I could get closer to them.

Color awakens moving, thanks to every creator

In July, your signed works may appear in big outdoor brands all over the country, please look forward to it.