Oppo A72 evaluates the new experience of 7Nm 5g mobile phone

With the tide of new mobile phones in the first half of the year, 5g mobile phones can be said to have stabilized the middle and high-end mobile phone market this year, but almost all mobile phones in the price range of 1000 yuan (USD $143) are 4G. When can 5g mobile phones reach the level of 1000 yuan (USD $143) ? The appearance of oppo A72 broke this situation. As a 5g light flagship, oppo A72 aims to provide young users with more advanced configuration functions and higher cost-effective 1000 yuan (USD $143) machine products, so as to meet their “unwilling to be mediocre” machine demand from two aspects of appearance and function products.


Oppo A72 is equipped with a 6.5-inch 1080p zero point full screen. The upper left corner of the screen adopts a single hole design. Compared with the double hole digging, the single hole has less impact on the vision, and the proportion of the screen is higher. In addition, the screen frame of oppo A72 is relatively narrow, and the three sides look almost the same width. It performs well in a thousand yuan computer. The comprehensive screen design and narrow frame make oppo A72 have 90.5% of the screen share.

At the same time, this LCD screen adopts LTPS technology, which can improve the display effect and reduce the power consumption. The resolution of oppo A72 screen is 1080 × 2400 and the pixel density is 405ppi. In the daily experience, oppo A72 supports 16.7 million colors, and the screen with a typical value of 82% of NTSC color saturation can bring a good degree of fineness, and the color display looks more natural. In addition, A72 system also provides a simple screen color temperature adjustment, users can set according to their preferences.

The screen of oppo A72 has also passed the German Rhine t ü V low blue light certification, and also supports AI intelligent backlight. In the automatic backlight adjustment mode, AI learns the user’s manual backlight adjustment habit, and automatically adjusts the backlight in different light environments according to the user’s perception and preference for brightness, so that your naked eye looks more and more comfortable. At the same time, it supports the sun screen and the moonlight screen, automatically adjusts according to different scenes, and displays a brighter and clearer picture. Finally, in terms of power consumption, it also introduces the 30% power consumption compared with the traditional screen.

In terms of the back appearance, oppo A72 has three colors: neon, oxygen purple and minimalist black. The color of the fuselage is more fashionable. In terms of technology, according to the official introduction, in the neon color matching, you can see that the texture design is added, with the radiation of light and shadow, and the left side is joined with splicing. Oxygen violet has an Ag effect, and the sunlight reflected from the snow of Leishi is clean and dazzling. However, the minimalist black on our hands is full of details. It has a penetrating feeling like a black gem, not a simple black.

The weight of oppo A72 body is about 175g, and the thickness is about 7.9MM. Compared with the fuselage, the size of oppo A72 is specially optimized by 2.8d radian, which makes the finger feel more mellow and has a great improvement on the hand feeling. It is easier to hold and use for a long time. It is worth noting that on the basis of such a lightweight design, oppo A72 is also crammed with a 4040mah high-capacity battery. The integrated fuselage design of oppo A72 is light and thin with better handle, and it is also light and thin from the inside to the outside. For the endurance performance of the whole machine, we can see the actual measurement later.

In terms of fingerprint unlocking, oppo A72 adopts integrated side fingerprint unlocking and power key + fingerprint identification into one. Compared with traditional capacitive fingerprint identification, fingerprint input speed and fingerprint identification are very fast. Compared with screen fingerprint, its daily use is also easy to use, and the unlocking experience is better. Oppo A72 can also be used with interview identification in general scenarios, which is more convenient to unlock in multiple scenarios.

At the same time, oppo A72 also supports dirac2.0 adaptive scene sound effect optimization, and matches the corresponding sound effect mode according to different scenarios such as listening to music and playing games, so as to bring better sound effect.

Photo experience

Oppo A72 adopts the combination of 16 million main camera + 8 million super wide angle + 2 million black and white portrait style, which is arranged in array with elaborately designed flash lamp, forming square array AI three shot. The main camera supports automatic recognition of up to 22 AI scenes, and through super-resolution algorithm, the image with the highest resolution of 100 million pixels can be reconstructed. At the same time, the main camera and super wide angle support super clear night scene mode, and the ultra wide angle lens of 119 ° can also bring wider vision.

In the aspect of main photography, through AI dazzling color function and pixel level color mapping algorithm, the color of the picture can be reconstructed. Whether in the remote details or color restoration, the color of the photo can be more vivid and natural, and more dark details can be retained.

The color of the super wide angle lens is slightly lighter than that of the main camera. Although there will be some differences between the super wide angle lens and the main camera in detail, the advantage is that it can bring a broader vision, and can take more profound photos, especially in the limited space, the effect is more shocking.

In terms of night shooting, oppo A72’s super clear night scene mode can also bring about a relatively large improvement. By using composite multi frame noise reduction and HDR, the night photos with clear and bright picture, bright color and clear texture can be taken no matter the night scene with bright light.

The front lens is 8 million pixels, which supports AI intelligent beauty, and can be processed according to different skin color, gender, age, etc. And through the algorithm to achieve optimization, output bright and clear photos. In the night scene mode, you can also use the beauty function at the same time, and add face protection, that is, while keeping the face bright, control the background light and retain more details of the background.

As for the multi-functional portrait style, compared with the previous generation, 7 filters have been added. With 15 filters, the number of filters has been increased, and the manual selection can be improved to improve the overall style effect. The multi scene adaptation degree is high, and you can easily click into a piece.

Ultimate performance

Oppo A72 launched Tianji 720 chip, which further lowered the price of 5g mobile phone to below 2000, and joined hands with MediaTek to become 5g popularizer. The chip adopts 7Nm process, integrates low-power 5g modem, and supports MediaTek 5g ultrasave power saving technology to extend battery life. Tianji 720 also supports 90hz screen refresh rate, and integrates excellent multimedia, wireless connection and image functions to enhance the comprehensive experience of users, and further promote the popularity of 5g middle end smart phones.

Oppo A72 has a performance score of 30W, meeting the needs of daily use. It is a mid end entry-level performance product. In addition to daily use, it can also smoothly support games such as “Honor of the king”, “peace elite”, “QQ flying car” and “Collapse 3”.

With the support of hyperboost 3.0 technology, oppo A72 can make the system improve the touch performance optimization scheme of the mobile phone. In the frame rate optimization, it can also predict the status of the mobile phone in real time through the system, so as to meet the performance requirements in time, so as to achieve the goal of optimizing the game jam. This optimization is not only reflected in daily use, but also can improve the comprehensive experience of playing games.

In terms of refresh rate, oppo A72 adopts a 90GHz eye protection touch screen, which has the screen experience of a flagship machine. It can switch between 60Hz and 90hz intelligent modes independently, and supports 120Hz touch sampling rate globally, making this screen not only smooth and smooth, but also has lower latency.

In terms of the game, we selected “QQ flying car” and “peace elite” two popular games for testing, and recorded the game frame number through software.

In terms of QQ flying car, the 90hz refresh rate is turned on in the whole process, and the average frame number is 60.1 frames. With the support of high refresh rate, the frame rate fluctuation is almost zero. Whether it is drift or acceleration, it is extremely smooth. The display screen is more fluent and real, and the operation response will be more accurate.. As for peace elite, it requires high performance of the mobile phone. Due to the limitation of the game, it can turn on the smooth picture quality + high frame number setting and anti aliasing. The average number of frames is 36.4. From the recorded frames, we can see that the number of frames throughout the game is relatively stable, including shooting, driving and other fast-moving scenes, which can also ensure good fluency.

Strength 5g experience

As a thousand level all-around 5g mobile phone, the most important thing is the experience of 5g communication strength. Oppo A72 has the 5g communication ability as high-end computers. Tianji 720 dual-mode 5g chip adopts 64 bit processor, and continues to use the 5g modem of dimension 800. It not only supports 5g dual-mode full Netcom, but also adds more 5g frequency bands in products of the same price.

Among them, the smart antenna rotary cutting and 5g antenna adopt distributed layout, which are suitable for users to hold all kinds of posture, and can cover all directions without dead angle, so that you can enjoy the speed and passion brought by 5g wherever you go. In addition, with the leading 5g full scene multi-channel LTE antenna intelligent switching and smart 5g antenna signal enhancement technology, it can fully cover the use needs of 5g network in different scenarios. The stable 5g experience enables fast communication at one touch. It can also open Wi Fi and 5g dual network channels at the same time, so as to achieve more extreme Internet access speed.

Tianji series has a good reputation, while Tianji 720 is an integrated dual-mode 5g chip with 7Nm process. In the actual evaluation, it only takes half a minute for oppo A72 to download 1.98GB King’s Honor, and 5g makes you do not need to wait. From then on, Tianji 720 has entered the 5g era.

Battery life

Oppo A72 has a built-in 4040mah battery and supports fast charging up to 18W. In terms of battery life, we conducted a three hour test, including watching videos online, brushing microblogs and playing games. Start the test when the mobile phone’s power is 100%. The first test is to watch video online with screen brightness of 50%. Connect to WiFi network and play 1080p HD video online through bilibilibili software. Oppo A72 consumes only 12% of its power after playing video online for an hour in a row.

The mobile phone will tiktok down from 88% to 77% hours after the next time, and that is 11% of the power consumption. For those friends who love to play games, the performance of mobile phones will directly affect the game experience. We also conducted a 1-hour game endurance test. When we played peace elite for one hour in performance mode, the power consumption of the mobile phone dropped from 77% to 62%. That is to say, only 15% of the game power was consumed for one hour. After three hours of heavy endurance use, oppo A72 eventually remained 62%. As for daily use, power failure was relatively slow, and the battery life was still very good.

In terms of charging, the power of oppo A72 was exhausted and the original charger was used for charging test. According to the measured results, it can be charged to 36% in 30 minutes and 68% in 50 minutes, which is acceptable for a thousand yuan machine equipped with 4040mah high-capacity batteries.

System experience

In terms of system, oppo A72 is equipped with coloros 7.2 customized based on Android 10. Coloros 7.2 focuses on the design concept of lightness and boundlessness, bringing users a brand-new lightness experience from the aspects of vision, operation and animation. Coloros 7.2 also has a lot of rich and practical small functions, such as one button flashback, which can display the countdown of the game on the desktop through the flashback key, and switch back to the game with one button, which is convenient for users to switch tasks quickly. At present, it has supported two games, namely, “Honor of the king” and “peace elite”, which are also supported when using maps and taxis.

Coloros 7.2 also provides sliding from outside to inside on the desktop to realize the sinking of desktop icon. When hovering over an application randomly, the corresponding application can be opened. Bottom or side gestures for the industry’s best one handed operation. Oppo is even worse. The image function of high-end computer is sinking, and the hypertext can be extracted and sharpened after being rectified. Word / PPT can be directly transferred into photo albums, and can be directly identified into words. Taking pictures with mobile phones to transfer text allows us to record, edit and save information more easily, accurately, efficiently and conveniently. Undoubtedly, it is an essential function for office workers and students’ party.

In addition, oppo album also encapsulates the collection, slow motion, continuous shooting and other virtual and efficient management atlas capabilities to wechat, which can better improve the efficiency of users in selecting pictures in wechat, and give users a more intimate experience in details. In addition, there are more intelligent breeno assistants, which can improve the interactive experience and operation efficiency, and make the comprehensive experience of oppo A72 more excellent.


Oppo A72 is light and thin, and has a good overall experience. With the 90hz high-speed screen of the same model of the flagship, the 8 + 128G version is only sold in 1899, and there are many fashionable colors to choose from, bringing a new experience to consumers. Whether it is 5g communication capability, appearance design or photography ability, this mobile phone can easily meet the needs of ordinary users, so that the comprehensive experience of A72 is relatively balanced, and there is no obvious short board. It directly becomes the 5g mobile phone with the highest cost performance on the market.