Oppo A72 officially launched: Tianji 720 + hole digging screen

It was reported on July 31 that oppo A72 was officially put on sale today, with an official price of 1899 yuan (USD $271) . It is a light and thin mid-range computer with a market price of 200 yuan (USD $29) .

Oppo A72 adopts the integrated design of the fuselage, and the smooth feeling of the linear type brings the refreshing touch to the users. It is equipped with 6.5 inch 2400 × 1080 resolution 90hz LCD hole digging full screen, accounting for 90.5% of the screen, with neon, oxygen purple and simple black color.

In terms of configuration, oppo A72 is equipped with Tianji 720 processor. Tianji 720 is the latest 5g SOC launched by MediaTek. It adopts 7Nm process, integrates low-power 5g modem, adopts eight core CPU, contains two arm cortex-a76 cores with 2GHz main frequency, and carries arm mali-g57 GPU, which is equipped with 8GB memory and 128GB body storage. At the same time, the phone also has a 4040mah battery, and supports 18W fast charging. At the back of the fuselage, the camera is equipped with a rear mounted 16mp + 8mp + 2MP. This machine highlights the unique characteristics in the signal aspect. It adopts the smart antenna wheel cutting technology to ensure that the mobile phone signal is good in various holding positions, and supports the simultaneous opening of Wi Fi and 5g dual network channels.