OPPO ACE 2 is finally here, the phone charging speed will be rewritten again

On March 20th, Weibo blogger @ 数码 闲聊 站 released Weibo and exposed a mobile phone that has never been seen before. The back of the fuselage is designed with a circular Oreo design, and the bottom of the fuselage is the OPPO brand logo. According to the product line inference, this should be the new ACE 2, the Find X2 series and the Reno3 series were released in the near future, while the previous generation of ACE was released in October last year, and more than 5 months have passed. It's time for ACE 2 too.

What is surprising is that the exposed ACE 2 actually uses a circular "Oreo" design. Last year, Huawei, vivo and OnePlus all used the "Oreo" design, and the newly released vivo NEX a while ago 3S also continued this program. Compared with the vertical row in the upper left corner, and the common vertical row in the middle, the symmetrical circular design of the center makes the back of the phone more beautiful. It can bring a new visual experience, and also make the mobile phone feel like a micro single camera. This style is likely to become a popular trend this year, and users' acceptance of this form is also very high.

Probably most users don't care much about the design. What they are more concerned about is the hardware configuration of the new generation of ACE 2 mobile phone. To know that the previous generation product is equipped with a 90Hz gaming screen and Snapdragon 855Plus processor, it also brings 65W super fast charge. The performance of this series of parameters made the ACE series instantly gather a large number of loyal fans, and once became the true fragrance flagship of 2019.

In order to meet the higher needs of fans, ACE 2 must be more outstanding in all aspects of specifications. First of all, the three major combinations of Snapdragon 865 processor + UFS 3.0 + LPDDR5 are standard as this year's flagship, and naturally one is indispensable. of. On the screen, the previous generation was equipped with a 90Hz gaming screen, and the ACE 2 floor will continue to have a high refresh rate of 90Hz.

65W super fast charge is one of the biggest highlights of the previous generation ACE. It seems that there will be further upgrades in ACE 2. Earlier, Weibo blogger @ 数码 闲聊 站 has revealed that OPPO tested 80W fast charging on engineering machines and stated that the ACE 2 fast charging system will be better than most current flagship machines. So it is inferred that ACE 2 may use a wired + wireless charging combination. If this is the case, ACE 2 will again win the title of 2020 true fragrance.