OPPO Ace2 is here, old Ace users say they want

Recently, a digital blogger (digital chat station) exploded a spy photo of a suspected OPPO Reno Ace2. This caused netizens' curiosity: Is OPPO Reno Ace2 really coming?

The previous generation OPPO Reno Ace once gave us a big surprise. In the strict knowledge of the annual digital good thing list is also ranked third, enough to reflect the amazing degree of this product. The Ace series has caused people to think about big factories making Internet cost-effective products.

As soon as the first generation of Ace was released, I bought an 8 + 256 version of Starcraft Blue. There were several reasons that made me eager to get started with Ace at the time: 65W charger, 90Hz refresh rate, 48 million camera and super powerful processor at the time. This Ace phone has been used as my main phone for nearly 6 months. My feeling is one word "fast"! Charging is super fast and performance is super strong. There are also disadvantages. The upper speaker is easy to accumulate dust and the body is heavy.

The Ace series is so "fragrant"! According to Weibo, Vice President of OPPO Shen Yiren, Ace2 will be released in April, and in addition to the cost-effective feature, Ace2 will also be very thin and light. The overall weight is about 190g, which is a high-performance 5G Mobile phone. In this era of 5G half a catty, the weight of the phone can be reduced to 190g, and the opponent feels very friendly. Wait, will the party win another victory?

The OPPO Reno Ace series is different from the Reno series. The Ace series is mainly online, and the mobile phone hardware configuration basically meets the discerning netizens online. Big manufacturers do cost-effective, lethal power is unstoppable. This year's Ace2 hardware is said to be all luxurious. No wonder some netizens say that the Ace series has the coolest look in Mi Fan's heart.

Ace2 can basically be determined by the standard hardware of a series of flagship models such as a 4-camera Oreo lens, a 5g flagship processor, LPDDR5 + UFS3.1, WIFI6, high refresh rate, super flash charging + wireless charging. In addition, Ace2 may also be equipped with black technology, we can look forward to it. So many luxury configurations are packed into the 190g body. As an old Ace user, I just want to say: I want!

Ace2 should also be the ultimate configuration as before, personally looking forward to the feel of the thin and light body. As for the price, I guess from 3699 yuan (USD $528) , I believe everyone is happy to make friends.