OPPO and American Telecom reached a cooperation to enter the Latin American market

Broadening overseas markets is of vital importance to Chinese companies. This is not just an increase in product sales channels, but more importantly, enabling global consumers to recognize the strength of Chinese high-tech companies. Recently, OPPO, a well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturer, and América Móvil, the largest telecommunications operator in Latin America, announced a strategic partnership to formally enter the Latin American market.

In this regard, OPPO Vice President and President of Global Sales Wu Qiang said: “OPPO is very pleased to start a strategic cooperation with Ameritels, which will help local consumers enjoy a better communication experience. This cooperation with Ameritels also makes OPPO a successful step forward. Entering the mainstream Latin American market with great potential plays a vital role in our global market layout.”

Marcos Linares, Deputy Marketing Director of Telcel, a subsidiary of American Telecom, said: “America is a leading multinational operator in the industry. We believe that the cooperation between American Telecom and OPPO will bring more innovative products and services to the Latin American market. Of consumers enjoy a more extreme future 5G experience.”

As of today, OPPO has reached cooperation with more than 80 operators around the world. It not only gains a foothold in the domestic and Southeast Asian markets, but also actively enters markets in Europe and Japan, and has established a Western European headquarters. This cooperation will help OPPO further open up the Latin American market, bring affordable products and considerate services to local consumers, and realize economic globalization. In the next one or two years, OPPO will also reach cooperation with more telecom operators, striving to make various electronic products launched by OPPO available to consumers around the world.