OPPO and American Telecom reached a strategic cooperation to further develop the Latin American market

On August 27, OPPO announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with América Móvil, the largest telecommunications operator in Latin America, to formally establish a partnership. OPPO smart phone products will enter Mexico and other Latin American markets through Telcel and Claro, a subsidiary of American Telecom. Thanks to this cooperation, OPPO will further explore the potential of the Latin American market, which is another major milestone in OPPO’s overseas market expansion.

Wu Qiang, Vice President of OPPO and President of Global Sales, said: “OPPO is very pleased to launch a strategic cooperation with American Telecom, which will help local consumers enjoy a better communication experience. This cooperation with American Telecom has also made OPPO a success. The potential Latin American mainstream market plays a vital role in our global market layout.”

Marcos Linares, Deputy Marketing Director of Telcel, a subsidiary of American Telecom, said: “America is a leading multinational operator in the industry. We believe that the cooperation between American Telecom and OPPO will bring more innovative products and services to the Latin American market. Of consumers enjoy a more extreme future 5G experience.”

Strengthening cooperation with important global operators has always been one of OPPO’s important ways to build a global brand. At present, OPPO has reached cooperation with more than 80 mainstream operator partners around the world. Since 2020, OPPO has established cooperation with a series of world-leading operators, and has made key business progress in mature markets such as Europe and Japan. At the same time, OPPO also plans to seek cooperation with more mainstream operators in the next 1-2 years, so that OPPO’s products and services can benefit consumers in a wider region such as Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.