OPPO and Sony join forces! Reno5 Pro+ is about to launch "Hunting 766"

2020 is the first year of video socialization. As the most convenient shooting tool around us, the effect of mobile phone portrait video shooting has attracted more and more attention.

For taking pictures, the performance of the camera’s CMOS sensor is crucial. Nowadays, most of the main image mobile phones on the market are equipped with Sony IMX sensors. It is not difficult to see the powerful strength of this series of sensors. OPPO is one of the manufacturers that has cooperated quite deeply with it. On December 23, the digital blogger @肥威 checked the CMOS that OPPO and Sony have worked with:

From this, we can see that OPPO and Sony have maintained a deep and close cooperation relationship and continue to make major breakthroughs in the field of mobile imaging. Finally, he also announced the Reno5 Pro+ online conference that OPPO will hold on December 24. At that time, Reno5 Pro+ will be launched with a new generation flagship sensor jointly developed by OPPO and Sony-IMX766. There are reports that this sensor will have a 50 million pixel, 1/1.5 inch outsole, and from the hint of “locking light to lock you”, it can also be speculated that the IMX766 will most likely follow the IMX689 on the Find X2 series. The full-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology.

The OPPO Reno5 series of radiant portrait video phones are equipped with the industry’s first FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system optimized for portrait videos. It can target the subject and the overall picture through the “perceptual portrait engine” and “image quality enhancement engine” Sexual optimization, to achieve the beautiful shooting effect of people and people.

After the Reno5 and Reno5 Pro were released on December 10, they attracted the attention of many young people with their powerful software and hardware capabilities and outstanding appearance, and achieved sales exceeding 100 million 10 minutes after the launch of the whole network. The experience quickly gained unanimous praise from the media and users.

The OPPO Reno series has always focused on images, and the pace of exploring the advancement of imaging technology has never stopped. Since the transition from Reno2 to the new track of dynamic images, the Reno3 series of super anti-shake Pro and Reno4 series of super night scene video have been launched one after another, as well as the current FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, constantly changing from the most basic needs of users Set out to solve the pain points of users in daily use, and create a better and complete video phone. It is foreseeable that after the IMX689 and IMX708 that were first released this year, the IMX766 jointly launched by OPPO and Sony will definitely make Reno5 Pro+ one of the leaders in the imaging field.

It can be seen that OPPO has been exploring and growing in the imaging field to bring users a better portrait video shooting experience. People are even more looking forward to the OPPO Reno5Pro+ new product launch event held online on December 24. By then, more highlights and the final price will be announced, so stay tuned.