OPPO and Tsinghua University jointly established a joint research center for future terminal technology

According to the official news released by OPPO and Tsinghua University. On September 29, 2020, OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University formally established a joint research center for future terminal technology.

At the inauguration ceremony, Zheng Li, vice president of Tsinghua University, said: “OPPO is an important enterprise in the field of mobile communications in the world. It has strong strength in the research and development and manufacturing of smartphones and other terminals, and has deep accumulation in related technical fields. The scientific research cooperation with OPPO has achieved breakthrough results as soon as possible." Liu Chang, President of OPPO Research Institute, said: "OPPO will use technology to help products and services break the circle. Under the guidance of the strategy of integration of all things, it will cooperate with Tsinghua in technology, design, artificial intelligence and In-depth cooperation in the next-generation interactive technology and other fields, leading the application of software and hardware technology through scenario innovation, continue to create an integrated product experience of software and hardware, and provide users with more intelligent and convenient services."

It is reported that OPPO's cooperation with Tsinghua University is another milestone in OPPO's Bell plan. After OPPO launched the Bell Program in 2018, it has successively carried out scientific research cooperation and academic exchanges with 40 well-known universities at home and abroad, including Stanford University, Tsinghua University, New York University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, and University of Electronic Science and Technology. The top universities have established joint research centers.

According to the official disclosure, the future terminal technology joint research center jointly established by OPPO and Tsinghua University will focus on the research work of human-computer interaction technology, cognitive computing, computer vision, and computational camera. The application of equipment industry is closely integrated to realize the cross integration of multiple disciplines and serve the national innovation-driven development strategy. OPPO will conduct in-depth cooperation with the Department of Computer Science, Department of Automation, Institute of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, School of Software, School of Materials, School of Medicine, School of Fine Arts and other departments.

The cooperation between OPPO and Tsinghua University shows OPPO's attitude. As a young technology company, OPPO adheres to the concept of "development, focus, and empowerment" and will continue to cooperate with global universities to build a growth platform for global scientific research talents.