OPPO announces a trailer for the Teacher’s Day gift, the whole process was shot by OPPO Find X2 Pro

Tomorrow is Teacher’s Day, but this year is very different from previous years. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many students have not returned to school since the Spring Festival, and communication with teachers can only be limited to online classes. Even some senior students were forced to graduate without seeing their teachers this year. With limited conditions, all teachers have acted as anchors to impart knowledge to students.

When the spring cicada dies, the silk is exhausted, and the wax torch turns into gray and tears begin to dry. In order to further let everyone understand the hard work of teachers in poverty-stricken areas, OPPO campus organized a group of students on the Loess Plateau to shoot a story about how teachers use mobile phones and other electronic devices to give children online lessons. The name of the short film is called “Hey! “Start of Class”, and the entire short film’s shooting equipment is just an OPPO Find X2 Pro.

The imaging capabilities of smartphones have been advancing by leaps and bounds this year, and many people choose to use their phones to shoot their own stories. In the trailer released on OPPO’s official Weibo, you can learn that portability is the best place to shoot movies with a mobile phone. A small mobile phone can be placed in a space that cannot be accessed by a camera to present a different viewing angle. The OPPO Find X2 Pro main camera 1/1.4-inch IMX689 outsole can make the video screen have better depth of field and good dark detail retention.

When shooting videos, OPPO Find X2 Pro is absolutely serious, and media at home and abroad have publicly praised OPPO Find X2 Pro’s video performance more than once. First of all, the image is based on the sensor. The three cameras on OPPO Find X2 Pro have a lot of background. The main camera is the IMX689 sensor mentioned before, and the outsole is equipped with all-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology; the ultra-wide angle is the familiar IMX586 , Let the ultra-wide-angle picture quality improve a step; the telephoto lens is a 1300W periscope camera that supports 10x hybrid zoom, allowing users to take pictures of distant scenery.

In view of the jitter during video shooting, OPPO Find X2 Pro supports super anti-shake technology, using the mixed effect of OIS and EIS to reduce the sense of image jitter. For the dynamic range of the picture, OPPO Find X2 Pro also supports HDR Live video shooting. The video can also be as bright as a photo but not exposed, with details in the dark.

▼Default video screenshot

▼Real-time HDR video screenshot (the effect will be better when viewed on the phone)

The system’s built-in Instant Recording APP can generate AI templates, and the video material that has just been shot can be exported and shared to social platforms in an instant, which is convenient and fast. Shooting creative video clips with mobile phones is not a fanciful fantasy, at least OPPO Find X2 Pro does it.

With this kind of imaging ability as the foundation, the short film of Teacher’s Day gift made is a little more anticipated. “Bah!” will be released tomorrow at 11:00. “Starting a class” may be another big tears film by a mobile phone manufacturer, making people forget that this is a picture taken by a mobile phone.