OPPO announces six major customer support policies to promote a comprehensive upgrade of channels

On February 1, OPPO held a big customer appreciation meeting, and nearly 400 core customers participated in the event online. Liu Bo, Vice President of OPPO and President of China Region, delivered an important speech at the appreciation meeting entitled “Being Good and Going Long, 2021 Work Together to Innovate the Pattern”. The speech reviewed OPPO’s achievements in 2020 and announced a number of New channel policy.

Liu Bo, President of OPPO China, announces six major customer support policies

In the past year, OPPO has achieved satisfactory results. According to the latest data, in the fourth quarter of 2020, OPPO shipped 34.7 million units globally, an increase of 15% year-on-year, and the ranking rose by one place to the fourth in the world.

Achieving such results in a severe market environment is inseparable from OPPO’s core ability to create explosive products and international expansion, as well as the full cooperation and support of multi-party partners such as the supply chain and channel.

Looking forward to the mobile phone industry in 2021, OPPO will clearly put the user experience in the first place, put forward all user-centric strategic statements, and at the same time drive the overall brand into high-end. In addition to high-end brands, channel strategies to support high-end products are also needed.

OPPO has always had its own advantages in terms of channels. With its extensive coverage and in-depth cooperation, it has won recognition from many channel partners. In the face of new market opportunities, OPPO will continue to improve and improve in the channel field. With the launch of market-competitive high-end smartphones, it can better reach and serve high-end customers.

It is understood that OPPO will provide greater support to major customers from supply policy, image construction, financial support, service support, event drainage, marketing and other aspects, and provide differentiated resource replenishment for core customers.


路Supply policy: Priority is given to ensuring the supply of core customers, providing online special supply machines, customized machines, limited edition machines, and tail products

Differentiated sources such as underwriting rights provide exclusive policy support and greater profit margins for major customer areas;

路Image construction: For core customers, provide corresponding subsidies for the construction of OES, integration of major areas and other materials and decoration costs, and

The right to build a sales-service integrated store is solely granted to core customers;

路Financial support: Introducing Ouxiangdai, which can provide a maximum loan line of 8 million to support sales;

路Service support: regular special docking business needs, priority invitation to participate in the national core customer communication meeting and annual new product launch


路Activity drainage: core customers have priority to enjoy O2O online drainage rights, such as the 8.8 Euro Fan Festival and the online drainage of new products;

路Marketing: promote the establishment of a high-end brand image through the promotion of flagship phones, in the upcoming Find series products

Invest more resources, including investment in high-end media resources and marketing content that is more in line with the preferences of high-end users. At the same time, it will also invest

Resources, conduct joint marketing with core customers, and provide the most powerful support for sales.

Through a number of customer support policies, OPPO will continue to upgrade and improve its channel layout on the premise of mutual trust, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation, opening a new and highly competitive new pattern.