OPPO chase after victory: ColorOS won the smoothest UI of Master Lu, 30 months without lag

Looking at the mobile phone market in 2020, major mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad continue to make efforts to launch very competitive 5G new products. The field of competition includes screens, images, design, systems, etc. In the just-concluded Master Lu’s 2020 awards ceremony, the domestic brand OPPO once again demonstrated its strong competitiveness and won the annual smoothest UI award with its smooth ColorOS system.

An excellent and outstanding system is the basis for users to be able to use the phone smoothly. In the early days, the fluency and stability of Apple’s iOS system was unmatched by Android phones. The iOS system only runs on self-developed devices. It allows the system to make full use of the performance of the mobile phone hardware in a targeted manner. The Android system is unable to do this, which has also led to the loss of a large number of customers for Android phones. Therefore, solving the problem of stuck and unstable mobile phones has become a problem that Android manufacturers must overcome. As the core of user experience, OPPO has developed a new ColorOS in-depth customization system after research and development, which has solved the problem of unsmoothness when users use Android phones for a long time.

OPPO’s system can stand out among many systems and become the most smooth system of the year, which is inseparable from OPPO’s dedication and hard work in the development of the system. Take the new Reno5 series launched this time by OPPO as an example. In response to users’ problems such as stuttering and unsmoothness in the game, the new ColorOS 11.1 system carried by the Reno5 series brings a five-dimensional super-sensing gaming experience to the gaming experience. It can analyze the five major game pain points of users, and optimize the five aspects of manipulation, graphics, atmosphere, immersion, and fun to bring a smoother game experience.

It is worth mentioning that the Reno5 series won the “Tail Test Certificate-Anti-aging Ability of Mobile Intelligent Terminal System” certificate issued by China Tyre Laboratory shortly after its release. Among many mobile phones, the Reno5 series equipped with the ColorOS 11.1 system performed best. It is understood that after a comprehensive evaluation of the five dimensions of the application cold start, application hot start, application installation time, boot time, and camera performance of the two Reno5 series phones under the 30-month aging model, the Reno5 series is in five dimensions Both meet the requirements of level 5 system anti-aging ability.

In general, the biggest role of a mobile phone is to bring convenience to users’ lives. The ColorOS system launched by OPPO based on the Android system brings users an extremely smooth and smooth experience whether it is daily communication, multi-opening software or gaming experience. Of course, I believe OPPO will not be satisfied with this, I hope it can continue to optimize and update the ColorOS system this year and next year, so that we can play more smoothly and more interestingly.