OPPO cooperates with well-known artist James Jean to customize, Reno4 Pro artist limited edition see you on Monday

This morning, OPPO’s official Weibo announced heavy news that the OPPO Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition will officially meet with you next Monday, bringing you a summer adventure.

It is reported that this limited edition is customized by OPPO in cooperation with world-renowned artist, illustrator, and designer James Jean. James Jean has painted covers for DC heroes such as Batman and Arrow. He has also created special edition posters for famous films such as The Shape of Water and Blade Runner 2049. His works have appeared in Time Magazine and New York. Times and other world-renowned publications. He was appreciated by the famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and won seven “Eisenner Awards” and three “Harvey Awards”. These awards are enough to show James Jean’s reputation and status in the art industry.

(Collaborative illustration by James Jean & DC Comics)

In addition to illustrations, James Jean has also explored and achieved achievements in the field of sculpture in recent years. Its first independently produced mass-produced toy Slingshot was sold for 4,000 Euros, but it is still hot. Different from the colorful paintings, his sculptures often use copper, gold and other materials, with cleaner and simpler colors, to give people a quiet, simple, and Zen-like high-level beauty.


In fact, the upcoming OPPO Reno4 Pro artist limited edition is not the first cross-border commercial cooperation between James Jean and other brands. The brands that have worked with include Beats, Apple, fashion brand STAPLE, fashion brand JOYCE, Disney and so on. The luxury brand Prada even invited James Jean to design show wallpapers and create murals. It also launched special edition handbags printed with James illustrations, which were welcomed by celebrities at home and abroad.

(James Jane X Prada custom series)

James Jean believes that “art is no longer just an exclusive product of galleries. Art can only be best treated when it is integrated into our lifestyle.” The artist limited edition launched by James Jean in cooperation with OPPO will perfect art and technology. Integration to bring users products with both artistic beauty and technological experience.

Currently, OPPO has not announced the design of the Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition. But in terms of creative style, James Jean usually blends various elements from East and West, walking between romanticism and surreal fantasy. OPPO Reno4 Pro itself is a very distinctive 5G mobile phone. I believe James Jean will show us the uniqueness of the Reno4 Pro artist limited edition through artistic vision. Let’s look forward to the summer adventure next Monday.