OPPO CybeReal will release a new experience to explore AR

Today, OPPO announced a concept-level application OPPO CybeReal on its official Weibo, which will be officially released at the OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020 to be held on November 17.

It is understood that OPPO CybeReal is an AR super application. As long as the mobile phone is equipped with this application, it can display corresponding information based on the real-time screen of the camera.

For example, if you stand in front of a store and shoot the store through the OPPO CybeReal app, the store’s activity information will appear on the app. You can take pictures of scenic spots while traveling, and this app will automatically identify scenic spots and present their introduction. AR navigation functions can also be realized through this application.

In fact, AR applications are already very extensive, and AR application scenarios can be seen in many industries. Common application scenarios such as virtual fitting and virtual decoration are realized through AR technology. These are very practical scenarios that can improve convenience.

In addition to the upcoming OPPO CybeReal concept-level application, OPPO also announced this morning that it will release the second generation of OPPO AR glasses. These have all released a major signal that OPPO will continue to cultivate and explore in the AR field and open up a new vision of AR ecology.

Where will the boundary between the digital world and the real world be? How OPPO perfectly integrates virtual and reality, breaks the boundaries of interaction through AR, and explores more practical application scenarios, etc. These are all worthy of our attention and expectation.

I believe that OPPO’s continued efforts in AR will definitely bring us new experiences and surprises. For more information about the OPPO CybeReal concept-level application, please pay attention to the OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020 on November 17. Into the report.