OPPO Enco X Headphones VS South Carolina Lite Pro Headphones Comparative Analysis and Evaluation

Since the 3.5mm port of the mobile phone was cancelled, there are countless true wireless headset products on the market, and most of them are brands that have never heard of the name. The prices range from cheap to expensive, and the quality is also uneven. , This has brought consumers more options for purchasing, but for those who buy true wireless earphones for the first time, there is really no way to start without making any preparations before buying.

Here we take a look at the headset products OPPO Enco X launched by mainstream mobile phone manufacturers, as well as the semi-in-ear true wireless Bluetooth headset NANK South Carolina lite Pro under the domestic brand South Carolina NANK, and do a simple analysis and recommendation.



First of all, from the appearance point of view, the overall curve of the Enco X portable charging box is rounded, and the appearance of the gloss is good. The frame is made of metal material and matte color spray paint, which is quite low-key, which is worthy of praise.


The white round pebble design of South Carolina lite ProLite Pro, coupled with the metallic luster of the dividing line, is simple and high-end, and the round and smooth piano paint surface makes us feel very comfortable in our hands. The small size of the charging box is super convenient to store, even if it is “settling down” in the ultra-popular small satchel!


Both headsets also support the new Hall switch technology, as long as the lid of the charging compartment is opened, the headset can automatically connect to the phone. Put the headset in the charging compartment and it will automatically charge. Close the top cover of the charging compartment to automatically shut down. In other words, the switch of the charging compartment cover is the “switch” that controls the headset switch.