OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones Review: One of the best Android dual sound units

I. Introduction OPPO "X" flagship come again this time directed at the audio field

For OPPO, the meaning of "X" is not common. Two years ago, as a restart of the Find series, OPPO used a Find X to establish the flagship status of the Find series, making the concept of "X = flagship" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Every time X comes back out of the world, it is indispensable. Expect the cutting-edge design and technology.

Now, X is on the stage again. As an important finale of OPPO in the field of mobile phone acoustics in 2020, OPPO Enco X also bears the same pressure as Find X at that time. After all, there is a hot-selling OPPO Enco W51 in front. Under the active noise reduction and good sound quality, its very cost-effective price has brought a layer of resistance to later flagships. How Enco X stands out, from the design to the technology, from the sound quality to the performance of noise reduction, all support the name of the flagship, success or failure depends on this.

丹拿调音 双发声单元的惊艳音质!OPPO Enco X真无线降噪耳机评测

Let's take a brief look at the basic parameters of OPPO Enco X. It must be said that OPPO Enco X has indeed shown a lot of sincerity in order to hit the flagship. In terms of sound quality, it offers three magic weapons, high-frequency flat diaphragm moving coil dual sound unit, Dynaudio tuning and LHDC lossless audio encoding support, from hardware quality to transmission path, how to improve the sound quality of true wireless headphones Gave an answer sheet.

For the biggest pain point of the TWS headset-latency, OPPO Enco X can achieve the lowest latency of 94ms in the full link transmission under the dual effects of Bluetooth low-latency dual transmission and system-level optimization, and the lowest latency of the headset end of 47ms. Even for the most sensitive audio game players to delay, this level is almost insensible.

Functionally, OPPO Enco X is not only very complete, but even adds some new things. The active noise reduction function will naturally not be absent. It not only makes up for the regret that OPPO Enco W51 does not have a transparent mode, but also provides four gears of strong noise reduction, weak noise reduction, transparent mode and noise reduction at one time. , So you can switch back and forth between quiet and quiet.

In view of the problem that some people don't wear in-ear headphones correctly and choose the right earbuds, OPPO Enco X provides a new function-headphone fit detection, which can let users know how to get the best sound quality and noise reduction effect. . The control methods of the headset are very rich, providing a total of 5 control methods: double-click, triple-click, slide, long press, and long press. The traditional song cutting and playback pause are perfectly covered. The volume adjustment operation realized by sliding is even more convenient. Daily use is also very convenient.

Moreover, even if you use a third-party device with OPPO Enco X, you don’t have to worry about experience degradation, you can’t experience noise reduction or complete convenient operation. OPPO has specially launched a "Huanlu" APP, which can provide third-party devices with a full-featured setting menu and new firmware support as much as its own brand.

Next, let's pass the actual evaluation together to see how the various experiences of OPPO Enco X are.

丹拿调音 双发声单元的惊艳音质!OPPO Enco X真无线降噪耳机评测