OPPO Find X2 Pro camera experience: the neglected flagship ten-fold hybrid optical change

The distant scenery can not be clearly seen, and the magnificent scene is incomplete. This can be said to be a major pain point of mobile phone photography in the past. However, with the popularization of multiple lenses, many mobile phones have added ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses to the main camera to meet users' needs for zooming. OPPO Find X2 Pro, which was released recently, also chose this solution.

Some mobile phones on the market do not pay attention to ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses in order to create publicity gimmicks. This is not a viable solution for OPPO Find X2 Pro. Now that multiple shots are selected, each must be powerful enough.

OPPO Find X2 Pro's ultra wide-angle lens uses IMX586. In the past, this sensor usually only appeared in the main photo, which proves its power. With this lens, the imaging quality of the ultra-wide-angle lens has been greatly improved, so that the sub-photograph also has powerful sharpness and night shooting standards, and truly achieves the unity of the framing range and image quality.

(Super wide-angle night scene shooting)

Since Reno, OPPO has begun mass production of periscope telephoto models, and it has been a year. During this period, OPPO continued to make continuous improvements to this technology. On the latest Find X2 Pro, OPPO brings a second-generation 10x hybrid zoom lens that can achieve up to 60x digital zoom.

The higher the magnification, the more prone to screen jitter. Find X2 Pro solves this problem with a newly upgraded OIS driver chip. Even when zoomed in to 60 times, the picture is still clear and stable, even if shooting the moon is not a problem.

Multi-camera zoom involves lens switching, and the picture jump phenomenon cannot be avoided. But OPPO Find X2 Pro supports smooth zoom technology, and the actual experience is only two words: smooth. What is even more surprising is that the Find X2 Pro also supports smooth zooming during video shooting, which can be said to maximize the role of three shots. In addition, Find X2 Pro is also equipped with an independent color temperature sensor, which works with Fusion image multi-focus fusion technology and super-score algorithm to ensure the consistency of color and white balance between the three cameras at the system level. With these features, the Find X2 Pro zooms as if using a lens. The following videos and proofs fully demonstrate the zoom level of Find X2 Pro.

(10x zoom)

(Main photo)

Both sub-shots are already so powerful, let alone the main shot. It is understood that OPPO Find X2 Pro debuts the Sony IMX689 sensor with a large 1 / 1.4-inch photosensitive area and supports Sony's latest all-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology. I believe everyone has heard the law of "the bottom one is crushing people." With the large photosensitive area, the imaging quality of Find X2 Pro is even purer and clearer than that of mobile phones with higher pixels. In addition, the omni-directional omnidirectional focusing technology greatly improves the focusing experience at night, which is fast and accurate.

In terms of video, OPPO Find X2 Pro supports real-time HDR video shooting, which not only records richer light and dark details, but also restores true colors to the greatest extent. As it happens, the screen of this phone also has a 1 billion color display, which works well together.

With the development of technology, the photography capabilities of mobile phones are gradually approaching professional experience, and the use scenarios are also expanding. Take the three shots of OPPO Find X2 Pro, the coverage of the 16mm-160mm focal length, so that users can not only enhance the impact of the picture through an ultra-wide viewing angle, but also make the distant scenery close by high-power zoom. In addition, the imaging level of the three lenses is first-class in the industry. "Everywhere you can shoot, you can shoot everywhere."