OPPO Find X2 Pro: the real experience of user purchase

[IT168 Shopping guide] Recently, the hottest high-end model is OPPO Find X2 Pro. OPPO Find series is the flagship series of OPPO phones. This year's OPPO Find X2 Pro is also a high-end product that integrates many black technologies. Speaking of OPPO, everyone is very familiar. The phrase "charging for 5 minutes and talking for 2 hours" still faintly sounded in the ear. Nowadays, 65W charging of OPPO Find X2 Pro, 3K + 120Hz ultra-clear color screen, 3 lenses without number, etc. have brought consumers a new flagship Experience. So how do users evaluate this flagship product that OPPO has intentionally built?

User rating: 96%

Let's take a look at how real users evaluate this flagship phone. OPPO Find X2 Pro has two versions, namely satin black (ceramic back cover) and tea orange (plain leather back cover). These two materials are not common in mobile phones, and are commonly found in customized mobile phones from major mobile phone manufacturers. OPPO Find X2 Pro praise rate reached 96%. Most people think it's good, but generally it's not bad. Let's take a look at which configurations everyone is particularly "cold."

Exquisite appearance, exquisite feel

The young lady is particularly satisfied with the appearance ↑↑↑

OPPO Find X2 Pro uses a hyperboloid screen, plus an exquisite back shell and a gold border. Whether it's a bright screen or a breathable screen, the look and feel is very good, with a sense of refinement. For example, the above lady impressed OPPO Find X2 Pro's exquisite workmanship.

The Find series has always been OPPO's high-end product line. The appearance and workmanship of each generation of products belongs to the first echelon. Many users are very satisfied with the appearance and texture of OPPO products.

3K + 120Hz screen is delicate:

OPPO Find X2 Pro this time uses a 1 billion color display, with 3K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. The purpose is to create new sensory feelings. For the screens that users must use as long as they use mobile phones, OPPO focuses on creating the best screen on the market this time. The above user said that the display effect of this A + level screen is very good.

Screen cool is the most frequently spoken sentence by users. It seems that the "sensory awakening" in OPPO's banner is more than just a banner.

65W Super Flash Charge:

Fast charging has always been the housekeeping skill of OPPO mobile phones. This 65W ultra-fast flash charging breaks the conventional charging rate. Basically, a phone can be fully charged in half an hour.

OPPO Find X2 Pro is equipped with a 65W charging device as standard. Charging speeds are among the top mobile phone manufacturers. In daily use, "recharge 5 minutes, play 2 hours".

Powerful camera:

OPPO Find X2 Pro is equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera, a 48-megapixel ultra-wide angle, and a 13-megapixel dual anti-shake telephoto lens. There is no single lens. DOX ranked first. On the camera module, users experience excellent experience.

In terms of camera, OPPO Find X2 Pro also belongs to the first echelon, and the photos are good during the day and night.

Edit comment:

In addition to the lack of wireless charging, OPPO Find X2 Pro has a slight regret. In all aspects, it belongs to the quasi-flagship configuration. You can think of the Android configuration, it has. When the OPPO Find X2 Pro was first released, some netizens said: 3K + 120Hz must be very power-hungry. That's right, high refresh rate and high resolution consume high power, but technology needs to move forward. In 2020, the flagship model will still use the power-saving configuration of 720P + 60Hz. Will anyone like it? In order to deal with 3K + 120Hz, OPPO also gave its own solution: power optimization + independent adjustment of the resolution refresh rate + 65W flash charge. For every penny you buy, for those who want to experience the flagship phone of the Android camp, OPPO Find X2 Pro will not let you down.