OPPO Find X2 Pro with three shots, the best image experience is worthy of the name

At present, the OPPO Find X2 series has been officially launched on major e-commerce platforms, and consumers who have received mobile phones have also published their own comments on the e-commerce platform. We can see that for OPPO Find X2 Pro, consumers are deeply impressed. In addition to the 120Hz "super-sensing screen", it also has its powerful imaging strength. Clearness, high filming rate, and smooth zooming are the words that users most frequently evaluate OPPO Find X2 Pro, or they can reflect a little fact from the side.

Although there are only 3 cameras behind OPPO Find X2 Pro, each camera cannot be underestimated. Although there are only 3 cameras behind OPPO Find X2 Pro, each camera cannot be underestimated. The main camera is OPPO and Sony's customized IMX689. The sensor area alone is 1 / 1.43 inches, which is the largest of the 48-megapixel mobile phone camera. The secondary camera is the familiar IMX586. This flagship sensor is used by OPPO on an ultra-wide-angle lens. This has a subversive change in the ultra-wide-angle imaging quality. The last camera is a second-generation 10x hybrid optical zoom telephoto lens, which uses the latest algorithms to improve the smoothness of the zoom and the consistency of the imaging styles of the three cameras. This is enough to make OPPO Find X2 Pro the best in the Android camp. Powerful three camera module.

Previously, consumers may encounter such problems when using other three-camera phones. There is a serious freeze in switching between cameras. The style of photos taken by three-camera cameras is like that taken by three different mobile phones. The lack of coherence between each camera, and the unsatisfactory shooting experience made the two additional cameras a decoration.

▼ OPPO Find X2 Pro Smooth Zoom

To solve this problem, OPPO Find X2 Pro puts a six-channel color temperature sensor on the back of the fuselage, which independently calibrates the color temperature of each camera to provide a three-shot shooting experience. In addition, on OPPO Find X2 Pro, the super wide-angle lens and telephoto lens have now joined the super night scene mode, allowing users to use the zoom to create better photos in dim situations, improving the ease of use of the zoom.

▼ Multifocal night scene photos taken by OPPO Find X2 Pro

One thing we can be sure of on OPPO Find X2 Pro is that a good image is definitely not as simple as adding a few more cameras. Find X2 Pro does not use the stacked camera method to make gimmicks. Each camera has powerful performance and auxiliary algorithms to make it the No. 1 score on the DxOMark smartphone list.