Oppo flash charging family members make their debut in ChinaJoy

On July 31, oppo made its debut in ChinaJoy with 125w super flash charger, 65W Wireless Flash charger and 50W super flash biscuit charger. The audience can experience the leading industry’s fast charging technology. On July 15, oppo released 125w wired flash charging technology and 65W Wireless Flash charging technology to refresh the record of wired and wireless fast charging. Meanwhile, the 50W super flash biscuit charger, which achieves high power charging speed, also brings a new portable and compatible experience. Oppo also displayed the GAODA and EVA series of customized machines, and set up several coloros game experience areas such as “super energy equipment warehouse”, “flash charging energy station”, “sound transformation Institute” and “super play intelligence bureau”. With the active noise reduction oppo enco W51 earphone, oppo creates a full sense of game immersion for players.

125w super flash charging can not only charge the mobile phone with equivalent 4000mAh battery energy to 41% in 5 minutes and fully charge it in 20 minutes, but also strictly control the temperature below 40 ℃ during standby charging when the screen is turned off, so that the flash charging is always efficient and safe without burning. At the same time, the adapter is updated to type-C interface output, fully compatible with supervooc and vooc protocols, and supports general fast charging protocols such as 125w PPS, 65W PD and 36W QC, which is the most advanced fast charging technology in the industry. The 65W airvooc can be charged with an equivalent 4000 MAH battery energy in 30 minutes. Through the fastest wired 65W flash charging speed compared with commercial use, it will bring more fragmented and non impact charging experience. Wireless charging is no longer a supplement, but has become the mainstream charging method.

Oppo 50W super flash biscuit charger ensures efficient charging, and brings more portable use experience with extremely thin body. The 50W super flash biscuit charger is the first to create a runway type ultra-thin shape. The overall shape is as round as a pebble, with a thickness of only 10.5mm. With the folding pin design, it is easy to adapt to daily storage and carrying, and can be easily placed in the shirt and jeans pocket, which is super small and no burden. The 50W super flash biscuit charger is compatible with supervooc and vooc flash charging, and supports common fast charging protocols such as 27W PD, 18W QC and 50W PPS, and can be used for mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices.

As of April 2020, oppo has applied for more than 2700 global patents in the field of fast charging, which has enabled more than 157 million users around the world to appreciate the charm of flash charging. With the public appearance of the new generation of super flash charging, oppo will gradually realize multi terminal and multi scene flash charging ecology, bringing more imagination space for “everything can flash charge” in the future.