OPPO Full Link Color Management System official announcement, unveiled on November 18

OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020 will be held from November 17-18, when a batch of new technologies and new products representing the direction of future technological development will be unveiled. On the second day of the conference, OPPO will release a full-link color management system.

With the improvement of consumer demand, many mobile phone manufacturers have begun to adopt top-of-the-line screens to improve display effects including color performance. However, at present, most mobile phone manufacturers' requirements for color are still in the screen itself, such as the color gamut and color depth of the hardware level, but these are not all colors.

The display of the picture seems simple, but it needs very complicated technical support behind it-the lack of any link of acquisition, storage, display, etc. can not perfectly display the image information. In short, in addition to the screen hardware, software management and optimization are also very important. As mentioned on OPPO's official Weibo, "Improper color management will make an excellent screen behave like a semi-finished product." However, color management happens to be the shortcoming of the current Android ecosystem, and few manufacturers are working hard in this direction. With the official announcement of the OPPO Future Technology Conference, we can finally have higher expectations for the color performance of the Android platform.

Considering that the Android ecosystem is very large and fragmentation is relatively serious, it is not easy to do a good job in color management. OPPO, as the world's leading technology manufacturer, has previously shined in the field of screen display and image color, and has extensive experience in both hardware and software. At the same time, OPPO has continued to increase its R&D investment in recent years. It is reasonable to believe that OPPO can raise the color management capabilities of the Android system to a new level. Let's look forward to the OPPO Future Technology Conference on November 17-18.